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Arrowhead154's Tajaran Application

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BYOND Key: Arrowhead154

Character Name: Nolland Manders, Cliff Polon, Heath Grays

How long have you been playing on Aurora: 2 days ago, played at least 3 hours on aurora for both days.

Species applying for: Tajaran

Color: Light Grey with Dark Grey hair

Have I read the lore section: Not Aurora's specifically, but I have read the general lore on Tajarans

Why play this specific race:

I wish to play this race because I enjoy building on characters that are different. Being a human is fun, but I enjoy trying to be something that I am not. I enjoy challenges, and playing different races can be challenging if done right.

How is playing this race different playing a human:

I personally think that playing a different race, and playing it well, is more difficult than playing just a standard human. I have also noticed that other races do not get the luxury of "human advantage" on the station. What I mean by that is that the station is built for humans, not for other races (example: space suit fitting, gloves, shoes, etc). Small details that can be overcome, but, in the middle of a round when everything happens at once, other races don't have these advantages. I also enjoy interacting with others as something other than a human, but is still considered an organism (not cyborgs or pAI's).


Character Name: Alzane Kla'ahd

Please provide a short back-story for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Being raised on a Tajaran trading vessel was boring for Alzane. His early years consisted of loading supplies, waiting, and unloading supplies. But one day, the trading vessel took on another occupant who went by the name of Thomas Notchered. A human, but one that could speak enough Siik'mas to be the Tajaran vessel's engineer. Alzane was fascinated by him and the two different races quickly became friends. The friendship blossomed to the point where Mr. Notchered was teaching Alzane basic English. Alzane's parents soon took notice of their son's new friend and eventually became friends with him well. Thomas had a strong influence on both Alzane and his parents. To Alzane, Thomas was more than a friend, he was family. And that included anyone like him.

A few years went by with good sales for Alzane and his parents. Things were looking up until one day Alzane's father retired from his life of barter and trade. This meant that Alzane and his parents were going to settle down and leave the trading vessel. And to Alzane, that meant leaving Thomas. With sad mews and gloomy thoughts, Alzane said farewell to his only and greatest friend. To Alzane's shock, he and his family settled down on a small planet mainly inhabited by humans. It is here that Alzane became properly taught on human interaction and speech. After years of studying humans and their ways of life, Alzane was old enough to leave and make a life of his own wherever he could. Alzane eventually made his way and found a job as a security officer for a small business corporation. His patrols reminded him of his childhood and the long waits. But it also brought back the memories of Thomas. Alzane did not stay long at the small business, instead, he set his sights on the stars and planned on leaving his small planet. Was it to hopefully find Thomas again? Was it to escape his boredom with waiting? Alzane wish he knew the right answer. He did know; however, that he was leaving. And that was all he needed.

What do you like about this character? Alzane is a very gloomy character, which is different that most of my other characters. He's interesting because he's always looking for reasons. He's no scholar, but hopes to find answers.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I don't actually know... I have my "off-days" and then I have my "I'm the star of the show" days... 5/10 maybe?

Notes: Yes, I've played Tajaran before so I know what I'm asking for. Also, any feedback on the story would be nice. I'm always looking to improve my writing (because I suck at it).

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I suggest you read our lore on Tajaran because it's not like anywhere else.

Tajaran aren't spacefaring, either. So a trading vessel would literally be an old-timey retrofuturistic airship that only deals with Adhomai.

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