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Hey, you know what's really great? Books! And, I love books so every week, on Friday I'll talk about an awesome book.

Citizen of the Galaxy

By Robert A. Heinlien




What's this book about?

Citizen of the Galaxy is a novel describing the life of a a slave boy, Thorby. From infancy to adulthood, Thorby travels across the galaxy in search of his past. Overall, the book has a space opera'y vibe, with diverse, albeit, unrealistic cultures. It isn't very grimdark, and it's meant specifically for young teenagers and children. But, it's a pleasant read that you can finish in one sitting.

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I recommend (bear with me here) Nightbringer, a warhammer 40k novel about the Ultramarines' 4th Company Captain Uriel Ventris first discovering the Necrons (giant spooky skeletor robots) and releasing their ultimate God, or C'tan, 'The Nightbringer', into the mortal plain.

Basically Ultramarines are sent to control a planet that was nearly in rebellion, only to find that the politicians trying to take control of the planet were evil evil evil and trying to use their power to release something /sinister/, aka a giant immortal being that looks like the grim reaper that has killed off billions of sentient races before, and will continue to do so.

...Also there's lots of politics, swindling, murder, mystery, plot-twists, badass characters, characters so evil they're on par with the joker, suspense , and all this shit as the Captain slowly finds out just what's going on there... - just, holy fuck this book took me for such a wild ride in 4th period geometry a while back, I'd be goin' "Ohhhh shit! OH FUCK, NO!" during notes on accident. Srs.

S'about 300 pages. Get it on Ebay.

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Seeing as this is turning into a "book review" thread, I'll throw in my two cents.

The "Man of War" books were nice. I can't say much for book three, as I never read it, but book one (To Honor You Call Us) and two (For Honor We Stand) were rather nice. A military sci-fi series, set between humanity, and the race known as the Krag. Set on the USS Cumberland, it follows LCDR Max Robichaux, and his crew through the pew-pews of space warfare.

The audiobook is as good as the novel, so check that out too.

As a note though, some explanations are rather in depth. I took a Kindle screenshot a while back, where the author explained faster-than-light travel really early on in the book, which almost took up an entire page on it's own.

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Yay books!

For Sci-Fi reading, I would suggest either of Peter F Hamilton's main series:

-The Night's Dawn Trilogy, consisting of The Reality Dysfunction, The Neutronium Alchemist, and The Naked God.

--Not a PG series, lots of sex, gruesome violence, specifically of torture. Lots of weird concepts, and validish science ones that I tend to write similarily too. All three of the books are in excess of 1000 pages, so they aren't a light read. The specific genre is Space Opera; lots of different planets, lots of death, no singing.



-The Commonwealth Saga, consisting of Pandora's Star, and Judas Unchained. This is also followed by the Void Trilogy, The Dreaming Void, The Temporal Void, and the Evolutionary Void, which are 1,200 years after Judas Unchained.

--Again, not PG, though there is less personal violence, more sex, and more widescale events; doomsday weapons galore, enough to make the Necrons, Imperium and Kree Empire cry. This is my favourite of the two, simply due to the awesome techy stuff that is in it, you may also spot the inspiration for Varan, if you look carefully.



For Fantasy reading, I can suggest the Sword of Truth Series By Terry Goodkind, or the Darkweaver's Legacy, by Mark Robson

-Sword of Truth, consisting of eleven books, I'm not naming them all. Massive world spanning Fantasy series, massive armies, deadly magic, questionable moralities, gods, demons, the undead, the whole lot. Probably my favourite book series.

--It follows Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell in their adventures against numerous adverseries, ranging from homicidal dictators to the literal embodiment of death, an excellent read, with an awesome idea of magic and how it works.



-Darkweaver's Legacy has four books, The Forging of the Sword, Trail of the Huntress, First Sword, Chosen One. Eragong's favourite series. Followed by the Imperial Spy Trilogy, Imperial Spy, Imperial Assassin, Imperial Traitor. These books have one of the most powerful magic users across all different universes, and it does it well.

--Good Vs Evil, Wisdom Vs Might, this could well be a DnD story, it fits so well, it's a very good series to read, and unlike the other three I have mentioned, it's short enough to read in a couple of days.






I recommend (bear with me here) Nightbringer, a warhammer 40k novel about the Ultramarines' 4th Company Captain Uriel Ventris first discovering the Necrons (giant spooky skeletor robots) and releasing their ultimate God, or C'tan, 'The Nightbringer', into the mortal plain.


Nightbringer is awesome, I don't know if you play the tabletop game, but back in the third edition Necron Codex, Nightbringer was fieldable, albiet at a reasonable cost, and he was the most terrifying non-apocalypse close combat model ever, with a statline comparable to 9, ignoring ANY AND ALL saves, and enough attacks and abilities to make Failbaddon cry.

Of course, in the next codex, they hit him with a nerf nuke, then in the third, they put a plaster on the gaping hole where his awesomeness used to be.

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Swan Song

By Robert McCammon




Once upon a time, man had a love affair with fire.

What's this about?

I'm going to cut to the chase, this book is messed up. It makes Game of Thrones look like Hello Kitty Island Adventure for the 3DS. This book is sad, and edge'y. But it does it well. The story is about the Nuclear Apocalypse, an alternative history set if Russia and America dropped the nukes on each other. Mostly everyone is dead, if you're not dead, you are permanently disfigured and have cancerous growths covering your face, eventually killing you. If you're lucky enough to be healthy, you might get raped, killed, murdered or worse. This book takes survival of the fittest to a dark extreme, and messed up shit happens. If you're lucky enough to make a settlement, and begin farming, eventually an army will go kill all your friends and pillage everything. Your protagonists are either crazy, belligerent, cowardly, or lucky. Maybe a combination of all of them. This book is very mature, and it has disturbing content, but it is very well written. Robert McCammon perhaps has made the most accurate portrayal of a post-nuclear disaster ever. It amplifies medieval brutality to an extreme level.

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Ender's Game

By Orson Scott Card




What is this about?

This book's another deep one. It's about stripping the humanity from a child, bit by bit. It presents moral issues like, the good of the many or the rights of the few. And that's pretty much all you need to know, it's a lot less grimdark than the previous book, it's a wonderful read, so go ahead and read it.

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