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In-Depth Employee Records - Blank + Examples

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A good number of months ago I sunk a few hours into 3-4 pages of A4. The end result was a very fleshed out character record in the style of an employee record to be stored within NT's databanks. Following further development, I have about 5 blank attachments and yeah.

I have gathered all of the resources I used into this folder; copy, clone, paste as you see necessary: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BznUI5uDkr6LZjZ1M0dlOWxVNVE&usp=drive_web

For examples, I have 4 full/near-completed records to present:

RIDEN, DAVID - INDEX #034-12-78C




If you have any questions about them, feel free to ask. Otherwise, *shrug*, go nuts.

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Where would I put stuff like medical internships and medical residency?


Medical intership -- depends. If it's in an educational capacity, then it would be noted under the educational field (probably simply not mentioned, and included as a part of the programme Y educational facility); if it's in an employed or semi-employed status, then one of the service record bits.

Residency, as far as my understanding, would usually include employment. Or, if it's apart of the characer's educational history (at which point he's the one more likely to pay for it, or it's covered by state), then it'd be slotted under there.

Note about the educational field, that the "Tier" system is only applicable to the citizens of the Eridani Corporate Federation. Other nations may use other designations, systems, build-ups, etcetera.

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