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Ban Request: Quinton Briner

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BYOND Key: Aedan

Accused Players Byond Key: Quinton Briner / Ckey Unknown

Time of Act: 4:00-4:22 A.M. CST, on 6/1/2015.

Reason for Ban: Mixed high-yield bombs during dead hour extended with apparent intent to detonate them.

Evidence: I can't really provide logs because the accused didn't get the opportunity to use their bombs. Sybil Rosetta-Sigma discovered that they'd been mixing and transporting high-yield bombs, and called for Security to apprehend them. When Vira De Santos and I found him apprehended by Beepsky, he had a destination tagger specifying the HoP's office and a detonator rigged to frequency 149.7, code 40.

We investigated the HoP's office, discovered two tank transfer bombs, and concluded that he didn't have any more bombs on the station after Sybil checked how many transfer valves were missing.

The bombs were dismantled, he was thrown in solitary, and now I'm writing this report! He went SSD shortly after being caught, and long before being placed in solitary. One bomb was tested on the range, because it was destroyed and one valve was missing but unaccounted for.

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