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[Denied] Rebecca's sick ink!

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BYOND Key: Draculabot

Character name: Rebecca McGrath

Item name: Rebecca's Tattoos

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It's attached to her skin

Item function(s): Peacocking, Looking awesome, reminder of poor life decisions

Item description:

Rebecca has tattoos and lots of them.

They are visible with her sleeves rolled up, or her jumpsuit rolled down to her waist, as she does often during times of lax duty.

She likes to show them off.

Item appearance:

Taken from her appearance,

Her body is marked with dozens and dozens of tattoos; From the beautiful and meaningful, to whatever looked cool at the time, and they don't all match thematically. On her right bicep, a Punch and Judy tattoo is colorful, with red for Punch and Blue for Judy, and a banner reading "We're all puppets to fate' wrapped around it.

Further down her arm is numerous other designs, mostly floral, flags, stars, and the like, easing down her arm to her wrist. A naked siren rests at the bend of her elbow, back arched over a rock, and on the back of her hand is a skull, with teeth on the knuckles resting over the word 'JACK' spelled out on her fingers.

Her left arm has a vibrant phoenix on the bicep, with a long and twisting tail.

The phoenix is yellow, orange, and blue in coloration, with tail-feathers.


Additional comments:

I'm not asking for a world of detail.

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