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Ehh, worth a shot at least.

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BYOND Key: DreathLord

Character name: Dante Dextriss

Item name: Dante's knife, and holster

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Dante is a stickler for self protection, he carries it for that reason but often uses if for random stuff.

Item function(s):Cutting paper, rope, and Dante's protection

Item description: A small blade, held in a blade holster that's under his actual jumpsuit.

Item appearance: Just a small knife with a holster inside of his jump suit.

Additional comments: I know it said no weapons, but I do not really view a knife as a weapon. More of a tool. If the people who accept, or deny these see it as a weapon then oh well. :3 Was worth a shot.

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Guest Menown

'Dante is a stickler for self protection, he carries it for that reason'

So it is for use as a weapon. This wouldn't make it through Odin's customs, because one, it's a knife that can be used as an actual weapons, and two, you'll be concealing it, making it a concealed weapon.

There is an on-station security force. He doesn't need a knife.

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