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Flower Crown for Lilac, by Sleepy

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BYOND Key: Sleepy Wolf

Character name: Lilac

Item name: Purple flower crown

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Her creator/best friend gave her this small crown to comfort her when she's stressed, confused, or scared.

Item function(s): Be worn on the head, and for Lilac to clutch when she's afraid. Or when she wants to just hug something. I'd like it to have the teddy bear function, where you can clutch it tight.

Item description: A crown of intertwined lilacs, perfect for comforting the mind.

Item appearance: Basically the flower pin, but circling around a bit more and lilac color.

Additional comments: It'd help me, instead of having to teleport out the monkey from psychiatry. *And if you'd like to code in a function where you can break the crown in half on harm intent so meanie bullies can mess with her, please do cough cough alberyk cough*

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