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Begin Video.

Rebecca's apartment is sparse, with a messy bed, a hologram wall towards the back showing amber waves of grain, and various strewn bits of clothing and engineering handbooks here and there. A flatscreen hangs from the wall, and another is bolted to the ceiling above her bed. Rebecca herself leans casually back into her computer desk chair, wearing a keffiyeh tied around her neck, a black tank-top, and athletic shorts that reach her knees. She perks up as the camera light comes on, and leans in, flexing her arms by bending them over her shoulders. "Hey there, people! My name is Rebecca McGrath, and I am.." She drums a hand against her desk, peering through the clutter, before lifting her workplace card.

"A maintenance engineer. Ask me anything 'bout myself, my work, or about what I'm into." She dazzled a brow and shot the camera a wink, before assuming a comfortable seating position.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Several dozen messages pops up.

Looking for single skrell in your area???? wetskrell.nt provices caters to all your warble neds!!!

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A small window pops up

The window displays a video feed, within it is a nervous looking red-haired woman, who looks almost startled, she speaks quietly, "Hello... It's Amy... I was just wanting to say hello... And to ask what you thought about work..."

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"You have recieved a new message from user: RDirectorWAMouth"

Message body:

"So make things roll as smoothly as possible to avoid the bulk of the work. Efficient. Is they anything particularly funny/interesting/terrifying that happened during one of your shifts that you would like to share?"

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