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BYOND Key: JohnnyMnemonic

Character Names: James Crimson, Morgana Static, Hosea Reeliah, Dorothy Sublett. previously Wiliam Rydell

How long have you been playing on Aurora: 5 months

Species you are applying to play: Dionea

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: YES

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Ok

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Because they're something you can't get out of playing a Taj or Unathi or Human or Skrell. Usually you can make just as compelling of a character that's human then you could making any of the others. Why Diona over IPC's? 1) there are tooooo many IPC's these days, and i would really like playing Dionea. Conspire2Ignite already kind of told me he would like to see me make one when i got turned into a black Diona by a wizard once. And Conspire is my senpai, i am jelly of his RP. Also Jenna's Diona, A Rose Amidst Gunpowder, served to inspire me to make this, as i also hold that character in high regard.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Conspire sort of set the precedence for how strange Diona are, and i intend to borrow a similar playstyle, also they learn differently, can survive in space, are slow and hard to touch and very curious, not overly talkative either, and the backstories aren't that commonly shared. Also have no idea what personal and mental space means, which IC means HUGS HUGS HUGS. They're also lovable, i mean, seriously, who could hate a Diona?

Character Name: A Hard Measure Of Law Being Handed Out One Shell At A Time

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

"Carl, is that...oh no, don't tell me it it's-"


Patton looked over his lab cheerfull lab assistant, he sighed deeply and stared at the green little shape in his assistants hands, Patton was a xenobiologist by trade, he knew better then to get close to one of them bitey ones. He looked back at Carl, "wait, how come /you/ got one?"

"biology department"

"WHAT?! Carl, you know you aren't supposed to accept anyth-"

Carl rushed and placed a hand over Patton's mouth, which were intent to list reasons why that was a stupid idea regardless of being muffled or not. Carl pleaded, "hey, you want Research manager catching wind of this? shut it, please, i'll feed it and everything". Patton considered calling the higher ups, but briefly, he knew he would be blamed for his assistants misdoings, and also, Carl might be lazy and dumb, but he certainly isn't like his last partner. Patton shuddered remembering the now incarcerated silent bald person that tried his hand at commiting homicide by stabbing Patton not even a year ago. Patton quickly regained his senses and said, "alright, alright...what are you even gonna do with...it?"

"Ah, i dunno, really, guess he'll just be my little chill buddy, hey, maybe he can even help out eventually, what do you think?", Patton swore under his breath, knowing full well now why he got ahold of one, avoiding work was Carl's forte.

Carl and his diona sat down at the nearby chair in the corner, turning on the holoTV and plugging a holotape inside, Patton lacked any animals to work with in the absence of their benefactors sending any, so he resigned to watch the two.

The lowly assistant grabbed a flask filled with something bubbly, placed a straw in it, and began drinking it as a dreadfully old movie came onto the holoscreen. The Diona seemed to replicate this as it dug something into Carl's flesh and began absorbing droplets of blood. This amused Patton.

The next few days, The Diona grew exponentially, It didn't seem to venture outside much, but it sure loved the bright reflective screen of the holoTV and whatever was playing on it. It also proved to be more of a help around the lab then Carl did. When told this, Carl let out a quiet moan, his pale face staring at Patton almost pleadingly from the chair, Carl didn't look his prime these days. Patton thought to himself that perhaps it was time he reports this, before Carl bites the dust...then again, it was a really helpful Diona.


Carl woke up. he must have fallen asleep at the chair again, when was the last time he had a proper meal again? The Diona was nuzzling him and watching the movies again. Sounds of exploding drug cartels filled his ears. He wished he could have got something other then hundreds of years old action movies, but the Sol Copyright laws were strict. He didn't seem to mind the Diona's constant biting or it's rough, painful, hard hugs as it nuzzled closer. The Diona was looking quite silly with it's new sunglasses, they were Carls originally. hopefully the Diona won't be affected by all these movies too hard...how long was it watching them anyway? he also noticed he was full of needle wounds, is Patton stabbing him with something to keep him alive? couldn't be the Diona still, Carl briefly wondered it was still taking genetic material from him, before passing out again


Carl's funeral was fast and without much flare. He said in his will that he wishes to be spaced, however they were located on Earth and Carl didn't have any family of friends willing to pay for extravagant funeral processions. A group of suited up lawyers quickly settled on finding a loophole and chucking him off the side of a ravine. The "funeral" wasn't attended by anyone but the Diona and one very confused worker. The Diona was holding Carl's autopsy paper. It knew how to read. The paper clearly stated that Carl was "drained of his blood by a vampire". It was signed by Patton. The Diona very briefly wondered if Patton was a legitimate coroner, it never saw him cut open anything but slimes and cake. The Diona tipped his sunglasses as it watched it's friend hit the end of the ravine, Carl was only couple dozen years from retirment... The next day it returned to the lab, it sat down and watched one last movie. Getting up it said to itself "your move, creep..." before picking all the holotapes and making it's exit, It couldn't resist simply walking away, not without an explosion, but he didn't see any cocaine or bad guys around. He settled for just breaking the TV instead.

Patton deeply regretted the loss of it's Diona, he died two weeks later due to a bald assistant shanking him in his laboratory while waiting for a shipment of slimes.

The Diona wondered aimlessly for a while, it saw a sign saying "NT wants you!" He stared at the sign before being approached by a lawyer looking person, he wore what The diona could only describe as..."drug cartel-y". After a brief discussion, the silly looking person recommended applying for a place aboard the Space Science Station Aurora as a lab assistant. The Diona oriented it's sunglasses towards him, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning"


The diona pointed at a sign depicting a security officer.

"what?“, the drug peddler looking scum repeated itself.

The Diona rumblled, "Say what again, I DARE YOU, I DOUBLE DARE YOU, go ahead, make my day"

"W-wh-i-can sign you up as a cadet?"

"you're a disease and i'm the cure"

"is that a yes...?"


"phew...alright...just need your name now...“

"I am...the law..."

"wait, are you being serious"


"alright then...the law...works for me"

"i'll be back"

And with that the Diona departed...to the waiting room...hopefully expanding it's dictionary some more

What do you like about this character? It's a joke character meant to make fun of 80's action movies aswell as space 'nams. It also has an amazing backstory, if i do says sos myselfs. there's opportunity for both serious and joke playstyles here. but mostly joke ones.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? depends what a person's average is, could be 2/10 if you're used to INTENSE RP HARDCORE REALISM ACTIUN. or it can be 20/10 if you've learned about roleplaying yesterday, also why does this question exist?


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First of all, hilarious backstory. Second of all, need more Dionaea. Third of all, if you have an issue with Johnny's grammar just remember that he's foreign and it's also not representative of his ability as an arpee-er. Because I have been very very very impressed by the wide range of characters and sheer creativity that this player has put out there. He is also brilliant at engaging with other characters and fostering inclusive, non-cliquey arpee. +1

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That is more or less the best character backstory I have ever read in my entire life.

Plus, Diona sec needs to make a comeback.

Also, Johnny is a good roleplayer.

Take this +1, take it.

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+1 Please god let me see this character aboard the station. I think they would be a wonderful addition. This is one of the best backstories I have ever seen. I have not yet seen someone take a Diona in this direction and would just love to see what would happen.

JohnnyMnemonic is a great roleplayer, I'm very interested in their characters, and I'm sure they could pull off this character well.

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I still remember the time their character got turned into a black diona. They went around the station playing a satanic diona with a line "Wonna sign a contract?", then they rolled in and spread blood around the escape shuttle. I haven't laughed so hard in while. I'm sure, given the chance, they would give us hours and hours of fun with their RP.

However, I dislike when characters get limited to their gimmick. But I still have faith that they are able to develop their character outside of it, or at least keep it fresh.


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I like his characters Morgana Static a lot of and Dorothy Sublett. His behaviour at OOC and in other chat are very calm, never had any issue. As so, I like this character background, would like to see his new Diona that he can bring to us. +1

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