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Zip's Diona app

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Character Names:

Organic: Kimora Hunt, Raelene Sagan, Myriam Hall, Amarleen Sinha, Henrike Flanagan, Lejorei Zhareiu.

Synthetic: PARAGON, Lemon, Anathema, Erythrite, Maxwell's Demon, Laplace's Demon.

How long have you been playing on Aurora:

Almost 10 months now. Has it really been that long?

Species you are applying to play:


What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):

The colour of tree.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:

Numerous times.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Dionaea have always been interesting to me, and not just because I love plantlike aliens. Their life cycle, from a small seed, to a massive organism that can dwarf a space station. Their language, of infrared and radio waves. Their unique relationships with other sentient species. All of these things interest me. The relatively small number of them on the station is a plus as well. Also, having created two diona characters already, it would be a shame not to play any of them.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Dionaea are truly the most alien of all the aliens (playable, at least). They think and act slowly. They are not quite individuals, but rather, a collective consciousness, a being of many organisms acting as one. Their names being based on important memories, ones that may drive them toward a particular course of action, is something I think really impacts playing as a diona.


Character Name:

A Figure Glimpsed Through Rising Flame, As Air Becomes Smoke And Green Becomes Black With The Ashes Of A Burning Home

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

A garden near Phoenixport, associated with the Botanical Society of Selene, had received their first shipment of seeds for a rather exotic type of plant - not a plant at all, in fact, but rather, a plantlike alien species, the dionaea. In time, these seeds would grow into the nymph form of the species, and would become unofficial mascots of the gardens, and even guides for the hundreds of visitors who passed through each day.

They were in the main building, a towering pyramid of glass and greenery. A group of tourists were there, being shown the thousands of plant species grown in that building, with the nymphs as guides. Unfortunately, one of the tourists had neglected to read the "no smoking" signs. Combined with a poor fire safety system, and a failure of the sprinklers, a tiny flame soon became a fire that threatened everyone in that building.

The fire department arrived quickly. The nymphs did not know what they were seeing, not the harmful nature of the flames, and not the mysterious figure that arrived beyond them. As the flames cooled around them, the nymphs merged together, in mimicry of the figure they see. The figure yells something about evacuation, but this new diona does not listen. They want to learn more.

In time, this diona would depart the gardens, and go on to fight fires, teach about fire safety, and inspect buildings to ensure they would not burst into flame. Many years later, they would leave Biesel to learn the behavior of fire in space, and eventually sought employment aboard NanoTrasen's stations. Hopefully, they will not catch on fire.

What do you like about this character?

The idea of a slow diona firefighter is sort of amusing. I suppose I like the fact that they are determined enough to do it anyway.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

With an "ehh" noise and a sort of noncommittal wiggly hand gesture.


Fluttershy: I'd like to be a tree.

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I KNEW there'd be a flood of diona apps and let me say I did it before it was cool.

I've very rarely seen you outside of a synthetic role to tell you the truth but the human characters aren't what interest me. A lot of the times I see synthetics that are basically just humans in a robot's body and I've never liked those characters. As far as I've seen, your characters have never been like that. They were robotic and if they spoke more humanlike, they had robotic or calculating quirks in their personality. Like Laplace's Demon and its fortunetelling gimmick. That's great, and hilarious.

You also have a similar interest in diona that I do, but for a different reason it seems. Also that character sounds hilarious. A tree firefighter. Only you can stop space fires!

Enough of my babbling though. Your non-human characters are non-human. Your human characters - as far as I know - are human. I can say with confidence I know you'll play a diona like a diona.

Also you forgot Ez the Cultmouse.

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>T(h)ree apps


tsk, tsk, tsk

but yes, i would like to add my support to this aswell, HERE'S WHY:

1)firefighter diona seems like a fun concept. Also i'd like to ask what role he'd be fulfilling, i'm hoping for security officer personally, but i'm assuming a cadet so far? seems most logical due to lack of fire department

2) if my diona gets accepted, this character will be a nice opposite to mine, because mine likes the explosions. and that already proves this character will provide decent RP to some characters.

3)I enjoy their synthetics, especially Lemon and PARAGON. Lemon being especially a source of ~UNFUN~ good RP

4)>Also, having created two diona characters already, it would be a shame not to play any of them.


5)I'm selfish and want more Diona

k, thx, +1

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