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Player Complaints - Ondoncil, Konrad, Burt

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BYOND Key: Aedan, playing as IAM (Security Officer)

Player Byond Key: Cobracoco007 as Ondoncil Veigel (Forensic Tech), Concorde as Konrad Brecht (Detective), and A Royale With Cheese as Burt Bovin (Security Officer)

Staff involved: It was ahelped, and Ryfer was the last one to discuss it with me.

Reason for complaint: Ondoncil was playing a Forensic Tech, Konrad Brecht was playing a Detective. They discovered that Sean Crawe, who was a changeling, was some kind of mutant and decided to bring him in. I believe he was trying to eat somebody's corpse, the details of which I didn't really catch past a point.

When they did so, they took him into the crime lab. I went to check on them a short time later, to make sure they had him handled -- though I had told them to WAIT, particularly if their stories of his arm-leaf blade mutation thing (I forget their exact words) were true.

Shortly after I was let into the Crime Lab, Konrad Brecht unloaded his revolver into Sean Crawe, who was restrained in cuffs and as far as I could see, compliant with the arrest. I immediately apprehended Brecht and moved to process him, when Ondoncil started screaming for help. I went back, Brecht still in cuffs behind me, to find Ondoncil beating Crawe to death with a crowbar. Both were screaming about what I was doing for most of the time, and I ended up apprehending Ondoncil.

Crawe died, but as he was a changeling it didn't matter much. He played possum until later in the round.

For the rest of the round, Brecht was rambling on and on about how he would walk away from the charges levied at him, and rambling about how aliens were scum. Ondoncil was much more humble, and admitted he screwed up. I can't tell if Brecht was just putting up a front ICly or if he OOCly believed his actions were justified.

I think Ondoncil probably learned his lesson, but I'm less certain about Brecht.

Burt Bovin is a much more minor secondary complaint. When the situation was explained to him, he questioned whether or not due process was being carried out, and made statements to the effect of thinking that Konrad and Ondoncil's actions were correct.

In the case of Ondoncil Veigel, I think the lesson was most likely learned.

In the case of Konrad Brecht, I'm not sure.

In the case of Burt Bovin, I find it extremely suspect for somebody playing Security to be OK with the defacto execution of a prisoner.

Regardless, I would like a paper trail to exist. I'm not necessarily seeking action, but I do want the events of this round to be out in the open.

Approximate Date/Time: 6/7/2015, between 9:15 and 11:17 PM CST.

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CKeys, courtesy of Ryfer:

Concorde (Konrad Brecht)

Cobracoco007 (Ondoncil Veigel)

A Royale With Cheese (Burt Boivin)

Also, in regards to Burt, he seemed to know what was happening in regards to the shapeshifting claims and the arrest before it was explained to him, stating things like 'shapeshifting aliens should be killed, they did a good thing' without him knowing there was any shapeshifting (Unless I missed something)

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