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implementing money

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I do really wish money had more OOC value to people so we'd care about it more.


I'll drop this for review:

It's a REALLY good video, and explains the issues we'd run into if we want to think of this.


Our bank accounts are wiped and reset every few hours, so inflation probably isn't that big of a deal. Technically we can print all the money we want through borgs, or making new bank accounts in the financial system, though.

I've always had ideas on how we can make money more valuable, and it falls in line with stuff in the video. Let's assume we make money consistent.

1) Give the chef a vending machine(s) for food. Let him stock it with what he cooks, and set prices. I mean they already have ESPOS scanners, but there's no incentive to use it.

1b) Give the chef operating costs. Make him have to scan his ID to pay x credits everytime he vends out plants from the plant-storage, or less reasonably, the kitchen equipment itself. That might be a bit cumbersome, though. And in the end, the Chef could be taxed automatically at round end, which is NT taking a chunk of his commissions.

2) "Living expenses" which are a bit randomized. Just take out a chunk and say you spent it on your rent or whatever.

3) Add mechanics that can be unlocked with charge cards. idk what but do it. Dank memes?

4) Make medical only work on people with insurance

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