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GM Fallout Roleplay

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Afternoon all.

I'm beginning to pursue the art of GMing. I'll be hopefully running a game based on the fallout series in light of the new announcement. Anyone who has been in a game of D&D or DH will know the story. Basically it Will be fallout 3, following the same basic storyline, and using the GURP system. Either that or I'll write my own story, and we can develop it from there.

For those of you who don't have experience in this sort of RP, it's relatively straightforward. You create a character using the set guidelines, which are quite broad, and start out on a set quest, however all the decisions are up to you and the team you are with. I'll cap it at 8 players, and a minimum of 4. Ideally we'd do all this over Skype, and each session can take anywhere from an hour to a whole Day. One spot is reserved for a good friend of mine, and the rest are open. The situations are resolved by dice rolling similar to older RPGs. During a game, most of the situation is pretty much good fun RP mixed with intense debate and action sequences resolved by complicated dice rolling. Skills, which are set to your character upon creation, are taken into account when situations arise.

Anyone interested please let me know, and if there is enough interest I'll get a game running.

Thanks guys!

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