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I have a question regarding Internal Affairs that I need an administrator to answer. The Baywiki page for Internal Affairs says that IAAs cannot be detained or demoted without the Captain's approval, a full command vote, or permission from Central Command, I'd like to know if this applies here.

I also want to know if Internal Affairs can actually force investigation without Central/Head of Staff backing, I've gotten mixed results, right down to being told I can be denied investigations if the Head of Staff says so, while also being told that denying an investigation is a briggable offense (which the Baywiki backs).

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My understanding as a DO/Centcom is that you can only be stopped from investigating by either Centcom orders/ code blue, I'm not sure about the command staff thing, but that falls under things to Fax CC about ( at least in my view)


Most IAAs who come aboard the station are newbies or light griefers. You're not going to be able to enforce IAAs having this quasi-supreme authority to hassle people with significant legitimacy so long as that remains true.

The role honestly needs whitelisting to have anywhere near the weight that Xander seems to want out of it, and even then I'm a bit hesitant. There needs to be a lot of leeway to disregard them if they're being obstructionist assholes, or having differences of opinion in policy.

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I'm not asking for quasi-supreme authority. I just want to know if the IAA has the ability to say to a staff member "Come to this meeting now so I can investigate you and get a statement, or face punishment from Security or HR."

Or if they must first get Head approval.

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I don't have the backing to prove or make any calls obviously, but IA has a job to do. It's to ensure that things on the station are going as they should. They don't really rank as command staff, but they have authority given to them by CC to do various things, such as start up an investigation against a department or individual so long as it is not obstructive to emergency responses. Want to investigate engineering? Cool. go for it. Oh wait, is there a hole in the station? You should let them get that fixed up. Is there constant atmos and power alarms? Let them handle it. Essentially They should have their powers during any period of normal operation. At a time of abnormal operation they should not interfere with any department who needs to be responding to the abnormal conditions.

I'm aware that this usually makes Science and Civilian the only ones who can be questioned during abnormal operation but discresion is needed.

There are also many times where I feel some departments step in where they aren't needed simply because local authorities in the real world do. "Oh, tree fell on the road? Let's get 30 officers redirecting traffic." Or "So this place is potentially dangerous, we need to set up a station to prevent people from entering." Some of these aren't needed of Security, the departments involved should be allowed to handle their own thing until the need Sec. For a breech, engineers should be able to tell people not to enter the area. If people try to enter it, then they can call sec to detain the person for their own safety. The same for medbay.

Meaning Sec should be able to be investigated at all times where military action isn't needed.

I know I de-railed a bit, but I think I got my point across. I'd also like to reiterate that this is strictly my opinion on the matter.

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