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[Closed] Incident Report 06/14/2457 Ana Roh'hi'tin

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Reporting Personnel: Travis Davis

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Atmospheric tech

Personnel Involved: (Anyone involved in the incident and their rank at the time of the incident) Ana Roh’hi’tin, Omnir Al-Nasser, Aliyah Hadyara, Nah’him Al-Nasser

Time of Incident: near end of shift on shuttle

Location of Incident: escape shuttle

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty [x]Harassment []Assault [x]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: (General description of the incident, to include as much detail as is deemed necessary) Ana has made it a habit of spreading ill rumors and hatred about me and my conduct. For a long time I’ve tried to ignore it but it has truly gone for far too long. Every new person I meet she tells them to avoid me because in her words “I’m a creep, or diseased” or some such. This harassment is painful and consistent from her and I should not have to work in an environment so hostile.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: no we were already leaving to odin.

Additional notes: (If there are none simply leave it blank)


[00:00] Recording started.

[07:34] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " What the fuck."

[07:49] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " Is Travis asking you to fuck him in the butt or something."

[08:03] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " Don't. He is diseased."

[08:26] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " Well if you want to eat his dick it is your business."

[08:30] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " But he's kind of creepy."

[08:50] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " He keeps looking at her butt. Makes uncomfortable."

I edited the transcript to protect the identity and topic of conversation of others that the incident is not directed at. Omnir, Aliyah and nah’him were involved and will vouch that I was not involved in perpetuating the conversation in anyway. Ana’s comments were unwanted and uncalled for. I can also provide full transcript if necessary but would prefer it to be only disclosed to the DO working the file and it not be placed on public access.

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((An OOC reminder that under new changes to the rules for this section of the forums, incident reports are ICly confidential between the person filing the report and the Duty Officers.))

TO: Travis Davis, Atmosphereics Technician, NSS Aurora

FROM: Jonathan Rase, Duty Officer, NMSS Odin

SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report 06/14/2457 Ana Roh'hi'tin



We've received your report. In regards to the transcript, please provide a complete and unmodified version of this transcript. The contents of this report will only be visible by yourself and the Duty Officer Corps, following recent changes to incident report regulation, though those persons involved may be questioned prior to us reaching a final decision on the matter.


DTG: 15-22:33-TAU CETI STANDARD-06-2457

SIGN: Jonathan Rase

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TO: jonathan Rase, Duty Officer, NMSS Odin

FROM: Travis Davis, Atmosphereics Technician, NSS Aurora

SUBJECT: RE: RE: Incident Report 06/14/2457 Ana Roh'hi'tin


Here is the full transcript concerning the incident. The Reference incident started at [07:28] with Nah'him Al-Nasser’s question about gays. I had the recorder running for an extended period of time before that. The main participates in the conversation were Ana, Nah’him, Omnir and Aliyah. Any other voices heard are background noise on the shuttle. Also to give some perspective of Nah’him’s question. I was talking to him about his brother’s -omnir- orientation and was attempting to explain what it meant to be gay. Nah’him asked me if he could try and I told him to talk to his brother about it. That prompted Nah’him’s question on the shuttle when he saw Omnir. That is also when Ana started her harassing comments.


DTG: 15-22:33-TAU CETI STANDARD-06-2457

SIGN: Travis Davis



[00:00] Recording started.

[00:01] Julie McDonald asks, "who shot me?"

[00:25] Omnir Al-Nasser says, "It is still sealed..."

[00:58] Travis Davis says, "comeone ji it's safe"

[01:21] Phoebe Essel says, "I dislike people."

[01:25] Usara Miharil says, "Oh no.."

[01:25] Nah'him Al-Nasser says, ",.."

[01:28] Phoebe Essel says, "Why."

[01:29] Ana Roh'hi'tin says, "WHY."

[01:29] Ned Breeker says, "OW HOLY FUCK"

[01:30] Benjamin Garneys says, "Christ."

[01:32] Ned Breeker says, "GOD FUCKING DAMMIT"

[01:33] Julie McDonald says, "what the"

[01:36] Omnir Al-Nasser asks, "uh?"

[01:36] Ned Breeker says, "I SWEAR TO GOD"

[01:38] Julie McDonald says, "Uhm"

[01:41] Phoebe Essel says, "LET GO OF ME."

[01:42] Julie McDonald asks, "what just happend?"

[01:46] Ned Breeker says, "YOU FUCKIN' CUNTS!"

[01:50] Nasir Ha'kim says, "oh why..."

[01:57] Phoebe Essel shouts, "Who dropped the fucking flash bag?!"

[02:03] Phoebe Essel says, "..Bang, whatever."

[02:06] Finn Murray says, "Remove incompetence!"

[02:06] Falk Schokolade says, "Shui."

[02:07] Falk Schokolade says, "Lower it."

[02:13] Usara Miharil says, "What iss thisss?"

[02:14] Benjamin Garneys says, "Lower the fuckin' gun, christ."

[02:16] Phoebe Essel says, "And then that cunt had the audacity to touch me.."

[02:17] Ned Breeker yells, "THIS IS SOME FUCKIN' SHIT, MAN!"

[02:23] Ned Breeker yells, "Holy FUCK!"

[02:28] Abdus Sala'din says, "Security, SIT"

[02:29] Usara Miharil shouts, "GAH!"

[02:31] Falk Schokolade says, "Now, while I don-"

[02:33] Wang Shui says, "THAT DIONA IS -"

[02:33] Nasir Ha'kim shouts, "Kirrra!"

[02:34] Wang Shui shouts, "GUN!"

[02:37] Wang Shui yells, "GUUUUUUUUUN!"

[02:38] Ned Breeker shouts, "GREEN ASSHOLE HAS A GUN!"

[02:41] Wang Shui shouts, "GUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!"

[02:42] Finn Brooks says, "Freeze ray? I want one!"

[02:48] Aliyah Hadyara says, "Calm down. Seriously."

[02:50] Phoebe Essel says, "..She didn't mean to. It was a missfire."

[02:50] Aliyah Hadyara says, "Holy crrap."

[02:53] Falk Schokolade says, "Abdus."

[02:55] Ned Breeker shouts, "KILL HER!"

[03:07] Usara Miharil yells, "That wasss terrifying!"

[03:08] Ned Breeker says, "Or whatever.."

[03:09] Aliyah Hadyara says, "Brrreeker. Stop making noise with yourrr face."

[03:09] Finn Brooks says, "Thanks man."

[03:09] Sslazhir Yinzr asks, "Can everyone sssstop?"

[03:16] Abdus Sala'din says, "I have been here, For five Minuets."

[03:22] Wang Shui says, "That diona is a criminal."

[03:24] Abdus Sala'din says, "And I cant wait for that shuttle"

[03:27] Nah'him Al-Nasser mrowls, "He is going to break limb or five"

[03:28] Julie McDonald says, "I was here for two and got shot"

[03:32] Wang Shui shouts, "I'm watching you, criminal!"

[03:34] Phoebe Essel says, "I dislike humans."

[03:35] Julie McDonald says, "That was fun"

[03:39] Ned Breeker says, "Fucking"

[03:40] Julie McDonald says, "But you are human"

[03:43] Ned Breeker says, "Push me again"

[03:44] Phoebe Essel asks, "..Really?"

[03:47] Phoebe Essel says, "I hadn't noticed."

[03:48] Finn Murray says, "We dislike her; it's sort of mutual."

[03:50] Omnir Al-Nasser says, "Aw crrap"

[03:53] Benjamin Garneys says, "Fuckin' shut up, jesus christ."

[03:56] Julie McDonald says, "well glad to have revealed that to you"

[04:19] Phoebe Essel says, "Can we please go home.."

[04:20] Ned Breeker says, "GODdammit."

[04:22] Catalyst Of Agony says, "... You..."

[04:23] Wang Shui yells, "You are smoking! Smoking is bad for you!"

[04:25] Catalyst Of Agony says, "... Should not..."

[04:29] Catalyst Of Agony says, "... Have a cannon..."

[04:30] Ned Breeker yells, "PHOEBE SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

[04:33] Catalyst Of Agony says, "... On your..."

[04:37] Catalyst Of Agony says, "... Possession..."

[04:38] Ned Breeker yells, "OPEN THESE GODDAMN DOORS!"

[04:39] Wang Shui yells, "Where is my charge?!"

[04:42] Catalyst Of Agony says, "... During..."

[04:46] Catalyst Of Agony says, "... Green alert..."

[04:47] Finn Brooks shouts, "OH GOD THEY AREN'T OPENING!"

[04:48] Falk Schokolade says, "Not my choice."

[04:50] Finn Brooks shouts, "WE ARE STUCK HERE!"

[04:57] Benjamin Garneys says, "... Uh."

[04:58] Finn Brooks shouts, "BLOW THEM OPEN!"

[05:01] Benjamin Garneys asks, "Why ain't they openin'?"

[05:01] Ned Breeker says, "I CAN;T FUCKIN' TAKE IT"

[05:05] Julie McDonald says, "ooooh space carp"

[05:09] Aliyah Hadyara shouts, "Give it a moment!"

[05:12] Phoebe Essel says, "Do not blow them open."

[05:16] Phoebe Essel says, "..My god, just be patient."

[05:18] Benjamin Garneys exclaims, "Oi!"

[05:21] Nah'him Al-Nasser shouts, "STOPPING!"

[05:22] Finn Brooks exclaims, "We are all going to die!"

[05:32] Ned Breeker says, "WELL DO YOU HAVE-"

[05:46] Sslazhir Yinzr says, "Not today."

[05:46] Nah'him Al-Nasser says, ",.."

[05:48] Nah'him Al-Nasser says, "Oh."

[05:49] Benjamin Garneys says, "Christ."

[06:05] Ned Breeker says, "This is some shit."

[06:14] Ana Roh'hi'tin says, "Pbbbt."

[06:16] Ana Roh'hi'tin says, "What a dumb shift."

[06:18] Abdus Sala'din says, "please just. Swipe for launch"

[06:21] Benjamin Garneys says, "Agreed."

[06:22] Falk Schokolade says, "No."

[06:29] Ned Breeker says, "fuckin'"

[06:30] Sslazhir Yinzr says, "One of them attack usss."

[06:32] Sslazhir Yinzr says, "Fucking ssscience."

[06:36] Wang Shui exclaims, "Hello!"

[06:47] Ned Breeker says, "That's right move. Fuckin' green ass motherfucker."

[06:58] Abdus Sala'din says, "...right."

[07:02] Abdus Sala'din says, "Im not going to ask."

[07:04] Omnir Al-Nasser asks, "...did the shuttle brrreak orr something?"

[07:05] Finn Brooks asks, "Can I come in?"

[07:08] Travis Davis says, "So it was nice meeting you"

[07:13] Abdus Sala'din says, "please. no"

[07:17] Benjamin Garneys says, "Brooks."

[07:19] Nah'him Al-Nasser yowls, "Ji!"

[07:20] Benjamin Garneys asks, "Mind droppin' that gun?"

[07:25] Omnir Al-Nasser mrowls, " Yeah?"

[07:26] Finn Brooks says, "But... It's mine."

[07:26] Phoebe Essel says, "I want to go home."

[07:28] Nah'him Al-Nasser mrowls, ",..Can someone learn to be gay!?"

[07:29] Wang Shui shouts, "GUN!"

[07:30] Aliyah Hadyara says, "No its not."

[07:32] Benjamin Garneys says, "... That ain't mean nothin'."

[07:32] Wang Shui shouts, "GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!"

[07:34] Benjamin Garneys says, "Drop it."

[07:34] Phoebe Essel says, "No shit."

[07:34] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " What the fuck."

[07:35] Ned Breeker shouts, "SPEAK ENGLISH!"

[07:35] Aliyah Hadyara mrowls, " uhm...No."


[07:38] Omnir Al-Nasser mrowls, " ... maybe?"

[07:38] Finn Brooks says, "Fine..."

[07:40] Travis Davis says, "If you see me about you can always say hi"

[07:42] Benjamin Garneys says, "Thank you."

[07:49] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " Is Travis asking you to fuck him in the butt or something."

[07:51] Aliyah Hadyara mrowls, " Its like learning to....She cant think of an example."

[07:52] Finn Brooks shouts, "BENJAMIN HAS A GUN!"

[07:54] Finn Brooks yells, "GUN!"

[07:55] Nah'him Al-Nasser yowls, "Thinking so!"

[07:55] Ned Breeker says, "Fuckin' gibberish ass animal people."

[07:57] Finn Brooks yells, "LET'S ALL PANIC!"

[07:58] Aliyah Hadyara says, "Stop whining, Brrrooks."

[07:59] Wang Shui exclaims, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

[07:59] Benjamin Garneys says, "Jesus fuckin' christ."

[08:02] Phoebe Essel says, "Here we go."

[08:03] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " Don't. He is diseased."

[08:07] Wang Shui says, "Wait, he's security."

[08:11] Wang Shui says, "Stop trying to cause ap anic"

[08:12] Ned Breeker says, "AW MAN THE ACCELERATION"

[08:14] Nah'him Al-Nasser yowls, "He can make own choices!"

[08:16] Omnir Al-Nasser mrowls, " Pffft, it's not so bad."

[08:25] Falk Schokolade says, "Why do I have."

[08:26] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " Well if you want to eat his dick it is your business."

[08:28] Falk Schokolade says, "So many fucking."

[08:30] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " But he's kind of creepy."

[08:31] Falk Schokolade says, "Guns."

[08:33] Benjamin Garneys says, "Cause you're our boss."

[08:34] Abdus Sala'din says, "Oh my Allah, Just. Just calm down."

[08:42] Ned Breeker yells, "YOU CALM DOWN!"

[08:49] Benjamin Garneys says, "Stop fuckin' yellin'."

[08:50] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " He keeps looking at her butt. Makes uncomfortable."

[08:51] Benjamin Garneys says, "Jesus christ."

[08:52] Ned Breeker yells, "NO!"

[08:53] Omnir Al-Nasser mrowls, " Davis is pretty nice. If you don't mind how he acts sometimes."

[08:55] Benjamin Garneys says, "Please."

[08:58] Nah'him Al-Nasser says, "HE WILL COME BACK THERE AND HIT"

[08:58] Phoebe Essel says, "Oh my /god./"

[09:00] Ned Breeker shouts, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIGH!"

[09:01] Nah'him Al-Nasser says, "IF NOT SHUT UP"

[09:01] Phoebe Essel says, "Just detain him."

[09:03] Omnir Al-Nasser mrowls, " Maybe you just have a nice butt?"

[09:06] Ned Breeker shouts, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!"

[09:08] Abdus Sala'din says, "is that. A cannon."

[09:09] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " Ha."

[09:12] Falk Schokolade says, "Yep."

[09:14] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " Probably."

[09:15] Aliyah Hadyara mrowls, " Nah'him. Just ignore them.-"

[09:17] Benjamin Garneys says, "Internally, I am screaming."

[09:18] Nah'him Al-Nasser yells, "HOORAY!"

[09:20] Phoebe Essel says, "I hate humans."

[09:21] Ned Breeker stutters, "H-H-HOLY SH-HIT-T Y-YOU C-CAN-N D-D-DO T-T-TH-H-HAT-T"

[09:25] Nah'him Al-Nasser exclaims, "nOW STOPPING!"

[09:32] Ned Breeker says, "SPEAK ENGLISH RIGHT"

[09:33] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " You remind her of someone."

[09:38] Aliyah Hadyara mrowls, " Her?"

[09:39] Benjamin Garneys says, "This was the dumbest shift, Westwood."

[09:42] Benjamin Garneys says, "The dumbest."

[10:00] Phoebe Essel asks, "Why is the entirety of the human race composed of idiots?"

[10:02] Ned Breeker says, "Fuckin'.."

[10:12] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " RIP Oen'g."

[10:13] Recording stopped.

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TO: jonathan Rase, Duty Officer, NMSS Odin

FROM: Travis Davis, Atmosphereics Technician, NSS Aurora

SUBJECT: RE: RE: RE: Incident Report 06/14/2457 Ana Roh'hi'tin


I do not know if I should create another incident report or add to this report, this transaction took place today. I had not even spoken to Ana on the Shuttle; I was in conversation with another friend. But as you see she interrupted and continued to spread rumors about my personal life. With about a quarter of the crew Tajara these rumors she keeps spreading has been causing a lot of harassment issues from other crew members. Again I should not have to deal with such continual Harassment in a place of work.


SIGN: Travis Davis



[00:00] Recording started.

[00:14] Ana Roh'hi'tin says, "Uh oh."

[00:14] Travis Davis says, "rude"

[00:15] Travis Stamos says, "Davis, I'm giving up on the search.."

[00:23] Travis Stamos says, "After six months of looking.."

[00:26] Travis Stamos says, "I'm done.."

[00:38] Ana Roh'hi'tin says, "Hi."

[00:52] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " That is this job, Misterchinny."

[00:55] Travis Davis says, "thats...stamos..."

[01:09] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " He has a weird fetish for Tajaran. Ignore him."

[01:11] Travis Davis asks, "have you tried broadcast adds?"

[01:23] Travis Stamos says, "She's either run off.."

[01:24] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " He has tried petting her, too. It ended poorly."

[01:25] Travis Stamos says, "Or died.."

[01:33] Travis Stamos says, "I don't like either of those.."

[01:37] Travis Stamos says, "So I'm done searching.."

[01:37] Travis Davis says, "if it was me i'd want to know"

[01:48] Travis Stamos says, "I want to know, but I don't want to at the same time.."

[01:48] Travis Davis says, "though I doubt she just ran off..."

[01:56] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " Well."

[02:17] Phoebe Essel says, "..Where did Augur go?"

[02:17] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " That will likely not be the case. The reality is we are forced to work with people we dislike."

[02:42] Nah'him Al-Nasser exclaims, "OH NO!"

[03:20] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " Above seven feet."

[03:23] Raymond Galloway asks, "Up, doctor?"

[03:23] Samantha Arroyo says, "Oliver follow me"

[03:40] Travis Davis says, "comeone stamos"

[03:45] Travis Stamos says, "I'm waiting for someone."

[03:47] Kelle Ducote says, "Hmm..."

[03:50] Kelle Ducote says, "Oh well."

[03:53] Travis Davis says, "I'll be on the shuttle"

[04:05] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " Well. They died, so..."

[04:47] Ana Roh'hi'tin mrowls, " Yinzr actually kind of looks like Oen'g. Without the horns, anyway."

[04:54] Kelle Ducote asks, "Aw, really?"

[05:01] Kelle Ducote says, "The battery died."

[06:00] Travis Davis says, "nasir whered you and nahhim run off too"

[06:04] Travis Davis says, "wrong channel"

[06:45] Stephen Lockehart says, "... You got a sister?"

[07:02] Stephen Lockehart says, "Shit. Sorry."

[07:28] Stephen Lockehart asks, "How's the director?"

[07:33] Antoinette Locklear says, "Being cloned."

[07:46] Stephen Lockehart says, "... Guess they weren't all that okay."

[07:56] Stephen Lockehart asks, "Your sister's name... Jeanette?"

[07:58] Travis Davis says, "will all nasirs and olivers please report to stop screwing with my head department"

[08:04] Recording stopped.

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Actions to be taken as of 17-06-2457


Overseeing Duty Officer: Frank Marco.

Preface: An investigation was made on the matter of alleged harassment, claimed to have been perpetuated by Ana Roh'hi'tin, and the affected person(s) being the following: Travis Davis.

Result: While the recorded logs found from the transcript of a universal recorder made for clear evidence of displaying of hostility and contempt for the affected person(s) in the report, it was discerned that the statements were neither directed for nor intentionally made to be heard for the affected person to hear for themselves. It could be argued that the one who made the complaint was looking for a reason to start conflict, and that point was taken into account for the decision.

Decision: No action is to be taken due to the reasons listed above.

If you've any questions or concerns regarding this decision, feel free to contact the Duty Officer Commander or myself.

Frank Marco

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