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Complaint: Character of whomever was N.E.W.L.E., AI.

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BYOND Key: OneOneThreeEight

Player Byond Key: N.E.W.L.E. (?)

Reason for complaint: Here we go.

In a recent game I experienced a secret-rolled traitor round where there was a power sink crippling the station. Naturally, it went well for the antags due to the fact it eventually blew up the area behind the bar and pretty much crippled the accessibility throughout the department at the brig. I was the captain.

Afterward, a crew-member called out for the AI, N.E.W.L.E., to call the emergency shuttle. S.O.P., and the AI's own laws, dictate that it cannot perform any radical actions, even in the state of an emergency. The AI requires the captain's say-so in order to perform any kind of reaction to an emergency. OOCly I have a problem with this because the AI effectively forced everyone (about 6 people) to pile into a security escape pod, and denying engineers to be able to fix the breach and denying them the chance to roleplay as well.

While not a spectacular shitshow that it could have been, it made the round end anticlimactically and with very little resolution.

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Nope, there was a high possibility for the engineers to fix the issue. The people responsible for even deploying the power sink were already detained at the time by security.

Apparently there was a consensus behind the botanist and an assistant yelling at the AI to call the emergency shuttle. The breach itself was located behind the bar but there were no humans in danger. There was no confirmed possibility that there would be more breaches.

Generally this would be an IC issue but the worst part about all of this, is that there was no possible way for everyone stuck in the security wing to get to EVA due to the fact that the central primary hallway linking security and the west hallway from the bar was extremely depressurized. I as the captain could not reach the bridge hastily enough to get a hardsuit to cancel the shuttle call at the terminal in the bridge.

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