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Unban Request

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BYOND Key: Sevenghost

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: Glamourchariot

Reason of Ban: Having just been given some leeyway over a permanent ban, decided to go around as security tasing random other security members. Upon being caught decided to log off and did not return.

Reason for Appeal:

My reasons are twofold.

1. I was not a member of security. I was dressed as one but did not sign in as or through play join the security team. I was acting under direction of a nuke operative offering bounties for subdued officers.

2. I did not choose to log off. Let my record show that I have not once before this logged off during moderator intervention. A Summertime storm knocked out the power to the entire block of my neighborhood and by the time I logged back in (several hours later) I was already banned.

I tried to contact the banning member or another staff member and was unable. Being deeply frustrated for being banned not even 24 hours after my last ban and being unable to contact the staff member in the same night, I simply quit playing for an extended period of time.

Its been more than a month since I was banned on misinterpreted pretenses and I'd like to open my case to review.

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I will preface this with one fact.

Instead of appealing, as I suggested you should originally, you dodged the ban via a little oversight that we had left in our ban code. One that was fixed quite recently. Since then, I do believe you logged 4 automatic bans on alternate ckeys as a result. Note at that at least 1 of those has the hallmark of you actually trying to dodge the ban, by a measure greater than simply remaking an account.

Now. In the small amount of time that you did manage to slip by the ban system, you managed to get yourself a note for being terribly argumentative over the issue of whether or not you should be feeding monkeycubes to people as a non-antagonist. The point Tablespoon was trying to make was quite simple: going around, offering people monkey cubes as a scientist under the guise of, "They are cookies harmless" or whatever else is quite god damn chucklefucky. Quite similar to a chemist offering mislabeled pills filled with spacedrugs or something like that for no good reason. The latter usually ends with a job ban.

With this in mind, why should we unban you?

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I appreciate you being forthright.

If I'm not mistaken the rule regarding multi-keying is a permanent ban. I don't see why I should be an exception.

I'd like to believe that I've grown as a person and a player, and though it may be true, it seems I still let conduct slip for cheap thrills during the long hours of the night. I believe that's something that can change, but not quite yet it seems.

On the matter of the cubes, I very quickly admitted that deceiving people to harm them seriously with lab equipment while non-antag for no scientific reason. I invented a reason after the fact when pressed for one, and then fell back on procedure long after breaching it. The argument was whether you could feed cubes to a consenting individual who signed the proper papers with higher authorization and an in-character scientific reason. Although Tablespoon agreed with me on that point in the end it doesn't obscure the initial act or the curt and smartass tone I used to address them.

My answer to your question is that its clear you shouldn't. I hope that maybe one day you will, but it would be best not to this time. I expect that in another few months I'll come back to make another appeal and I honestly believe my conduct and respectful action will have improved. Until then, thank you for your time and take care.

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