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Player Complaint: Xanderdox

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BYOND Key: Hycinth

Player Byond Key: XanderDox

Staff involved: Tablespoon

Reason for complaint: Rampant shittery, Play to win mentality during a malf AI round. Instantly blew up cryo, shuttle consoles, etc. Constant harassment of drones, leading up to the destruction of the drone fabricators due to "not wanting to ahelp" a troublemaking drone. Proceeded to light the holodeck on fire after minimal RP, at which point they were killed. They then proceeded to brag in dead chat how awesome their gimmick was, which appeared to consist solely of blitzmalf + copy pasting some biblical quotes rather nonsensically.

Approximate Date/Time: 170615 21.00

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1. Cryo was blown up because I was going for a 'Mother Superior' I'm the God AI, and I was thinking of ways to make the crew completely dependent on me, removing their insta-heal machine was the primary method of this.

2. Constant harassment of drones? You guys are mice with tools, no RP for you, no protection from destruction thats unjustified, which mine was, a drone has hacked a bunch of doors to frame me, so I went on a logical IC vendetta against the army of drones that I have no method of communication or control over, eventually having to resort to blwoing up drone manufacturing because a drone destroyed the drone control consoles so I could no longer jsut detonate them.

3. I light the holodeck on fire after about 10-13 announcements alluding to what I was going to do, there were references to the fire bapitzim, to holy salvation, this was my primary method of interacting with the crew, I never forced ANYONE to enter the holodeck to die, it was completely optional, and only 4-5 people took me up on it, I didnt intend for the fire to spread out of the holodeck however. I was then killed as I had neglected to watch my core long enough to ensure no one was breaking in, I was okay with this, no complaints from me at all.

4. I was not playing to win, I destroyed the shuttle consoles yes, because I did not want the crew escaping me so I couldn't interact with them at all, and I blew up the communications consoles, why? Because people have a habit of calling the fucking shuttle and getting out of dodge before the antag can do shit, so I destroyed them, and the fax machine to ensure Central wouldnt send an ERT to destroy me, this was ICly logical rather than playing to win.

5. Speaking to those who were in the holodeck, none of them actually complained about being burned, only those who werent in the holodeck complained about it.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I actually really enjoyed the unique spin of MALF that Xander played off here. I will admit I thought the people in the holodeck would be the ones saved, and everyone else got plasmaburned when he flooded the station... Still, the situation was alluded to, and he gave a lot of opportunities to both avoid it or get involved in it. He only locked you in after several, repeated spoopy reminders that you'll probably die. I died of my own choice and free will; please don't complain on my behalf.

And since when is anyone justified about killing annoying drones. I fuck with drones all the time by picking them up and dunking them or whatever. It's a mouse with tools, and they were being annoying to the AI. Why are you complaining about being treated as a threat after acting like a threat?

He barely played to win. Like I said before; everyone involved in nearly every deadly incident got numerous chances to escape, flee, or fight back. Everyone who died in the holodeck blitz died fully knowing what was going to happen. Everyone else died in the typical ways and I can't speak for them.

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It also kind of leads to the question, how can maintenance drones roleplay when their laws forbid them from interacting with others? There's really no way for them to interact back as they're forbidden to speak with others besides other drones, and even then it's a job for doing something low stress with almost no interaction at all.

Even if the AI is too an all omnipotent being on the station with eyes everywhere, it's also very much limit by the game's mechanic that they can only socialize with what they can see on the screen too (or AI eye). That's something else to keep in mind. Which makes it hard for an AI to involve everyone due to that limitation.

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I seem to recall Delta being reached within forty minutes of the round starting - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. That said, I participated in the round in question, and Xander did fine - things just escalated a little too quickly for my tastes, but I still didn't see anything explicitly wrong with what happened. Oh, and before I forget - drones have no rights and I hate them to begin with.

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Regarding the holodeck, my opinion is mostly in line with jackboots. Xander gav ethem plenty of opportunity to leave, while one crew member was very defiant, yelling at the AI to let it go. The set up was perfectly executed, and as a result people died. They did not simply walk into the holodeck and get burned. Also, Xander did not anticipate that the fire would break the holodeck doors/breach the station/vent Central Primary, and ahelped as such. Still, I saw it as reasonable escalation of force and events.

I also think that in general, this was not really a case of blitzing, but of an rp situation rply getting out of control. I didn't notice Xander going out of his way to kill people. The blowing up of cryo at round start is a bit iffy, but alone I don't think that's enough to warrant administrative action.

As a semi-side note on the drones: There was one drone that called the shuttle (a HUGE no no) and generally was breaking rules/ruining the round for others. They kept re-spawning as well (from what I understand), and so Xander is justified in blowing up the drone makers. I understand that not every drone was at fault, but I didn't see an issue with Xander blowing the drone spawners up, as I believe the remaining drones were trying to 'fix' the station, which went directly against the AI's plans. As Baka said, drones can't/won't listen to the AI or anybody else really, so the only options was to blow them up. I am also in agreement that drones are essentially 'mice with tools'.

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I had came to the conclusion that the AI was attempting to roleplay the best it could. There's not much an AI can do to make a drone turn to their side, so they had to do the next best thing if they're going to hinder a plan.

I am going to leave this thread open for twenty-four hours.

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