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Hycinth's Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: Hycinth

Total Ban Length: 4320

Banning staff member's Key: Jennalele

Reason of Ban: EoR Grief

Reason for Appeal: Simply, no grief occured. After the shuttle left, I was flashing myself with a flashlight as a borg, since it makes fun sparks and I had three minutes to kill. At some point, a secborg dragged a welder tank it, which spread fuel on the ground, which the sparks then lit.

I'd like to note that welder fuel doesn't actually burn. It lights up with a cool sprite for a second and goes out.

It does not affect atmos.

It does not affect temperature.

It does not cause damage.

It does not spread.

It cannot ignite anything else.

Because of this, I was given a three day ban for EoR grief.

EoR grief is defined as conflict in the shuttle/surrounding areas.

No conflict occurred, nobody was harmed, nothing was damaged.

In the future, I won't repeat this action, since it's now apparent that it's a problem, but I'd like this particular instance overturned. Perhaps a warning instead?

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Three day ban for... Doing no grief at all? In my opinion, it is the security borg who should be punished, not EoR ban, but a warning instead. The fact that this situation was looked so deeply, I mean DEEPLY, going completely strict over sparks at end of round, is just silly.

Sure, admin logs were spammed for a moment, a warning can be issued, but did it ruin someone's round or grief something?

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Not an admin, but I agree with Hycinth and Techno. While I can see why the admins did choose to ban, (Because at first I saw two borgs making sparks and a third bring in a welder, and I was definitely thinking 'someone's going to get banned for EoR') but from what I've read and actually saw it really did look like it didn't impede on anybody's roleplay, and apparently caused no damage otherwise. Just 2-3 players trying out a stupid feature they had just discovered.

I side in favor of the appeal, imho.

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