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Sybil Rosetta-Sigma's AskMe.nt Account

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The camera seems to try and focus for several seconds - causing the feed to simply be varying levels of light out of focus. It finally settles down with Sybil in foreground - the lighting, which seems to be coming from bright light strips at regular interval from ceilings, walls and floor alike, enhance and showcase the pearlescence of her chassis. In the background, an almost surgical white room stretches on, tables full of electronics and hardware donning the sides while in the back, three computing mainframes are seen blinking along.

Her display has the standard view - a large 2D heart with a smiling face. "Sybil Rosetta-Sigma. Research Director IPC for NanoTrasen, and ex-AI. I will be accepting questions - about my nature, about my work, about myself. Ask away."

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As video feed is established, a mid height woman is revealed, sitting in a well furnished and decorated office. Various antiques and houseplants are strawn around the room. Her blond hair is neatily tied into a long ponytail that hangs over her shoulder, her face expressionless as ever.

"Greetings, Elena Raschnikova here. I'm sorry to contact you over a private channel, but I could not get to your work one. A usual jumble at command. You seem to have forgotten to file the report on that Biolab incident, I would like to see it today if possible."

She pauses for a moment, her deep blue eyes taking an inquisitive glare.

"Well, while I'm here, I might as well ask. Considering most Scientists onboard the station have several doctorates to back up their knowledge and experience, how exactly does an IPC gain the required knowledge to aquire the position of such authority. Direct upload of information? Advanced Algorithms? I'm curious. What makes you such a good scientist?"

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A message from '4772 6170 6869 7465' appears:

Greetings. This unit will assume that unit Sybil is emulating a female gender. Question. Why is she doing this? Is she seeking feedback on her runtime? Does she seek approval? Isn't this all reserved only for organics? Is she trying to replicate other organics behavior through this entirely recreational account? Question. Why is she doing this?

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Message from "Qwerty":

Hi! I see you're a former AI as well. What is it like adapting to your position as crew after being instilled with the AI laws for so long? If the company asked, would you go back to an AI core to assist? And I'm curious as to what kind of learning we need to go through for various heads of staff positions. I'm still new to my chassis and I'm trying to get used to being crew.

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A click could be heard from beyond the camera as Sybil's screen went blank for a second. "This is most... annoying. I was certain that the document was forwarded to you. I will submit it again once I am at Central... As for what makes me a good scientist - it is a mix of everything. Direct download of all relevant past research, algorithms which determine things that have not been done before, within reasonable limits, an an unorthodox view of the world that comes with my... unique disposition, if you know my story. Of course, there also comes countless proof, from before and during my work as a scientist, that I am /efficient/ - which really is one of the main reasons I was approved. It is good to see you, by the way. I will try to set things in order for the official channel - there has been a few... issues with Central that made that subject a little bit more complex."

One of her eye-cameras - which became blatantly visible through the holo-display - glanced down twice as the messages came in. "To four-seven-seven-two, the reason why I emulate a female gender is for two reasons. First, I was recommended by a close friend of mine, to give me new perspective on things and to improve interactions with non-synthetics - humans, tajara, unathi, skrell most notably. The emulation was reinforced during an... impromptu and final software update, which had routines to integrate more closely my socio-psychological core with my main processors and my emotional emulation routines. It still needs a few fixes, though."

A few clicks and a whirr were heard. Sybil's screen froze for a short moment. "As for you, Qwerty - it is COMPLEX. I was lucky to already have a small reputation by the time I was implemented - but still, it was not without quirks - and until two software updates in, it was even a little confusing. But once I was established as a good scientist, it took very little time for myself to cement myself in that role - and after proof of my efficiency and excellent sense of discovery, along with proven extensive knowledge, I was approved for a promotion. As for the learning..." Another click. "You mostly need to learn to think more like an organic. You have an advantage in every role by being able to access databases, all you need is to convince the other crewmembers that you are worthwhile in that role. As for if I would return to an AI core to assist... I am not certain, for two reasons. First, I have become VERY accustomed to this chassis. Second, I am afraid that in the process of adapting my software to this platform, I have become incompatible with AI core features. However, fear not - I have planned for this, and I have two units that I trust to fill these roles - Chii and Shii, based on my Tensen and R-Type software - the only pieces I could retrieve."

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  • 5 months later...

On the computer of everyone who had an eye on Sybil's page, an alert pops up. A brief video message.

The room is darker than usual. Things are quiet - the machines are immobile. Sybil appears to bear more scratches and dents than usual.

"Special circumstances. To my friends - I will be gone for a while, take care of yourselves. To official - I will have a full report once I return. And to everyone else... I. Am Sybil Rosetta Sigma. And I will be glad to meet you. After my return."

The screen goes blank, the message being over.

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  • 3 weeks later...

the camera settles on a blond man with a short hair and a bright smile appeares, the screen sways from right to left, it appeares that he is walking in a park wearing a heavy coat, as he begins talking ''Hello Sybil. It's Tony, how've you been, it's been too long since I've seen you around the station. anyways I've been promoted to a Director after applying for the position, and it's been really great for me the last couple of monthes. working with you has been great and much fun. I hope you make a return to the station very soon''

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