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A photo of Vitaly's missing sister.

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BYOND Key: Crescentise.

Character name: Vitaly Zheleznikov.

Item name: Framed Photograph of a Lady.

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Vitaly's fraternal twin sister, Olga Zheleznikova, has been officially missing for four years. His placement upon the Aurora allows him to meet with many different people. The more people he shows, the more statistically likely that someone will recognise her, yes? After all, he's out for revenge so worried. He wants to find her as soon as possible before the statute of limitations of The BP-71 Incident runs out to ease his own heart.

Item function(s): None. Show Held Item and Examine are all that's needed for this item to have the desired effect.

Item description: A wooden-framed photograph depicting a somewhat striking young lady in a mostly-side-profile view. She is pallid and elegant-featured, with long espresso-coloured hair. A large hunk of it appears to be arranged to cover the eye that is out of view. Raw, red skin can barely be glimpsed underneath. The doe-like uncovered eye is looking down, as if the weight of her own eyelids is too much to bear.

Item appearance: A fine wooden-framed picture of a female. The perspective looks pretty much from the side, but will be described with slight three-quarter view for added detail. The frame-holder-upper should poke out from one side so it doesn't just look like a rectangle when placed on a table. The female, in spessman terms, looks like this. I decided on the side sprite as it looks less awkward in the head-shoulder cropping. And the cropping should be a neat little vertical rectangle, with a grey station-wall type background.

Additional comments: My first custom item app! Enkas has very generously said he'll have a go at spriting it. Anyone else want to try? And he's done it! Thank muchly. <3

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