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Pods and podcargo.


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I will just copy/paste my suggestion here

You know... Having a flaying pods on the space station is normal, it's even required to have that for any emergency. So I suggest to add some pods like from GOON station. I have seen the other servers have them to, so. We can rebalace it if you think that they will be OP during Nuke ops, but we can add nuke ops pods too.




So I suggest to add additional area called "podbay" here is some picture


Basically we have pods... but they are used for only escaping... and they are not technically moving, they are just entering to the other Z level that has space moving sprites...

Engineering pods

So we can make space pods for engineers with some cargo Storage, so you can put stacks of metal+glass+plasteel+etc and that will make repairing more interesting. Maybe add some RCD or universal tools(not good idea).



Security pods

Adding security pods is normal for station safety and for clearing station from the carps/drones. You can say "PoZe, security is OP for nuke Ops with their LWAP snipers and jetpacks and shotguns" - Well... Ops are OP to with their projectile, but we can add Syndicate pods to for them.

Syndi shuttle with pods and Syndu pods



Security pod



Mining Pods

Well, we all knows that there are a lot of small asteroids with cool stuffs. I am personally asking for mobile drill and jetpack as a miner at the beginning, so I can dig those sweeties. But mining pod will give you that opportunity and besides, It will be made only for that Purpose.



Cargo Pods

That idea came to me randomely, but I like it. I am suggesting to replace cargo shuttle and make cargo pods with hyperdrive engine, so cargo technicians needed to fly to the Odin - Dock and load to crates inside the Pod. That will give to them more fun job to do and balance AI/borgs from ordering something.



ERT Pods

I don't know will it fit, but ERT pods could have hyperdrive engine as cargo one. That will give them some interest too.



To conclude I want to say how we can balance that things.


  • Hyperdrive engine will have this pods:
  • Cargo
  • ERT
  • Mining(maybe)


Pods should be expensive for producing, involving personnel as:

  • Engineers: to build up the chassis, weld up parts, screw the curcuits, wire all the electronics
  • Command: approve for builing new pods with paperwork and signature from RD, CE or Captain. QM singature for cargo pod
  • Scientists: they will make circuits, advanced sensors or other details.
  • Security: to control the process of creating a new pod or to protect podbay and have checkpoint for it for authorized personnel only.


For Balancing pods first of all we will make hyperdrive only for ERT and cargo plus mining, maybe. for moving they will use propellent as jetpacks or Shuttles in real life. The consumption of propellent will be in 3 times more then in the jetpack(for cargo/mining/engineering even more). Pods will have not that much armour... depends on which type is.

Weapon? Well they should have some weapon for OPs/ERT/security. Maybe Laser gun from mechs.

But I really hope that we will at least make cargo have a pod.

P.S. If you haven't seen pods on the other servers or are interested on what they have and how that works then go to that Link bellow


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