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500,000 Credit Bounty - Xiphos Group

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We are the Xiphos Group.

For years, we have been biding our time in Tau Ceti, and it's finally time for our intentions to be made known.

We want to push NanoTrasen out, and have allied with your organization in order to see this through.

Our numbers are secret, our members unknown, as it has been, as it shall always be.

We are paying five hundred thousand credits for the lives of duty officers of NanoTrasen.

Deaths must be verified with video footage, taken from copies from security cameras, or photographic evidence that has not been tampered with.

If you lie to us, we'll know.

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Fury looks onto the screen, swinging back on his stool and yelling "Hey! Azisriki! Look at this!".

Both Fury and Azisriki look at the screen. "What in the name of an immortan is a Duty Officer?" Azisriki asks. "Probably some weak bitch" Fury countered. As Azisriki goes back to the workshop, Fury roars in frustration as the extranet console crashes again. Stomping his way to the workshop, he screams "ZYNRIKRA! WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT GOING ON WETSKRELL ON MY CONSOLE?!"

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