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  1. If there were any communication errors during our ticket than it was most likely on my end, I apologize. Now, for the mining example, I have to disagree with you there. It is fundamentally different when it comes to a violent group of extremists. The miners who are in that group did not sign up to be a miner purely for the subversion of individuals on the station, while the ones who signed up for the cult during the round specifically did. I acknowledge that I didn't really have a chance to feel out their ideology and whatnot because as far as I know the Skrell, who from reports I figure
  2. BYOND Key: Outboarduniform Staff BYOND Key: Cnaym Game ID: I am not sure, but it was yesterday evening around 10PM PST Reason for complaint: I had to think a lot about this, and unfortunately I didn't pull any logs or took any pictures, but I disagree with the punishment that I received yesterday from Cnaym. That punishment was the removal of my command whitelist and a three day ban from Security. Essentially, these are the few major points that I disagree with in what I think led up to the application of the ban, along with the whitelist removal that was applied as
  3. Personally I think this is very rude. Colbalt is a very good roleplayer and it seems he has a very good grasp of the lore. Honestly, this level of complexity in a post can only be achieved by someone who has spent an extensive amount of time planning their character and planning their application. +1 from me.
  4. At this point you might as well add in a dispatch system. I can guarantee you that every single security member will be camerahawking so that they can kick down the door with Code Blue and get to work.
  5. How will this reworking fix balance? If anything it gimps Security so hard into medieval feudalism so long as there isn't a Code Green that it makes it impossible to coordinate in the most basic of ways while reducing the HoS to a gimp role, and when it is a Code Blue or above, it reverts back to normal security play with more access. If anything this will lead to more command shitflinging which is something we ought to avoid to begin with. I also don't understand the reasoning behind removing security comms on Green. It will make depsec the most unenjoyable experience for d
  6. I dislike the idea that departmental security will reduce security to private goons and take them away from their primary job of policing the station. If we remove general officer as some people propose is intended, and we have a command group that's a real piece of work with their officers, how are fights in parts of the station without a security attachment going to work? Who is going to patrol hotspots like the bar? Another part of security is deterrence. What stops you now from committing literally any crime you would like to in isolated hallways, the entire surface level, or ev
  7. Negative, friend, he meant Gaul. For let's take a brief and more integrated look into the character of Kane DeWitt. For he himself is merely a copy of another great historical character, The Gallic King Vercingetorix. It is almost assured that the personality of human nature that Mr. DeWitt exhibits is the exact same personalities that we saw exhibited by the Vercingetorix during his rebellion against Caesar in Gaul (as expressly written by Tacitus and Cassius Dio). Therefore, I submit to you, that The Outer Worlds may have indisputably used your character, however, as it is associa
  8. Virology has never been fun or interesting or really a part of much at all. Might as well pull it.
  9. Every single round I have played, as a security main, with this implemented, has given me a daily dose of mesothelioma. It's just terrible. Antags just walk into maintenance and the entire security department just goes, "well shucks jimmy, looks like we can't do nuthin' 'bout that now !" Literally a single unarmed traitor can outperform the entire security team just because of maintenance access. I can't even imagine the absolute hell it's going to be for everyone involved when we have a group of cultists running amok in maintenance or mercs/heisters that we'll be essentially powerl
  10. I think I should say something here because I regularly play someone who's loyalty implanted. To be honest, Loyalty Implants are incredibly cheesy and incredibly unnecessary. Not to mention that they don't make any realistic sense. Could you imagine if Coca-Cola started making their franchise managers mindslaves to Coca-Cola ? That shit wouldn't fly. Loyalty Implants started off as an LRP mechanical tool. They are still used as a mechanical tool. Every lore justification they have for their existence is hamfisted and jammed in because nobody wants to deal with mechanically re
  11. I agree with most of the concerns here on why this idea is kind of....sketchy. A question I have though, how are the scouts going to interact with TCG fugitives and the TCG Consular Officer/Representative on the station ?
  12. Directive 11 was met adequately. CCIA notices are, for the most part, left up to interpretation for a reason. If anything your argument stems from the supposed breaking of CCIA directives. Like I said, I ordered you to be processed with minimum charges early on, but nobody ended up attending to you due to many other situations and me dealing with other things. I expected you to have already been dealt with but it appeared that you were left there, even with charges and such being ordered after your arrest. I’ve been playing Siganto for years. If I didn’t know or intended on breaking
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