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[Expired] Valkrae - Three Day Ban Appeal request

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BYOND Key: Valkrae

Total Ban Length: Three Days

Banning staff member's Key: Tablespoon

Reason of Ban: Helped kill an officer trying to arrest a miner. Given their notes history was given a 3-day ban..

Reason for Appeal:

First off, Let me preface this by saying that I do admit to some minor infractions in the past. I admit to them, and I own up to them. Now, This doesn't mean that I agree to this particular ban. If I do remember correctly, We were stranded in the middle of space, and Nano Trasen had abandoned us. I instructed Zeal to go and get something for me. He attempted to, and came back, saying he failed. Then, a Security Guard walked in, and demanded his arrest. I obliged, but secretly planned to knock the Officer out, and take his card. We let the Guard in, and led him into another room. It was at this point, I grabbed a shovel and hit him in the head. There was a major lag spike at this time, but I didn't notice. So I kept clicking. Only when I noticed the lag spike, did I see the mass amounts of red lines of text erupt onto my chat. That, along with Zeal's attacks, sealed the man's fate. Keep in mind, that, We only wanted to knock him out.

I believe that this ban is wrong because of the variables that were present. The events happening with the RP, and the lag spikes caused this turn of events to unfold. If it were not for the spikes, the man would not be dead, but would be knocked unconscious.

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This is in an accurate description of the events.

The main issue was that the officer was only trying to arrest the miner for a few minutes...and he was taken out of the round by being killed.

I might've let you off with a strict warning (As I did with the miner), but your notes stated that on next offense you would be given a ban.

When attacking someone it's very important to use discretion...if you notice your attacks aren't going through, spamming more attacks, especially when your intent is not to kill, is usually a bad idea.

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