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TalkingCactus' Antag Ban Appeal

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BYOND Key: TalkingCactus

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: Skull132

Reason of Ban: Fail antagonist RP, metagaming.

Reason for Appeal: I was new to the game and didn't realize my mistakes. I was warned to start RPing kills but was unsure what that really meant, but tried anyway(failed horribly). I talked over Teamspeak to a friend who was a changeling with me during that round, I assumed since we had our own changeling "channel" and we were the only ones who were changelings that it really didn't matter that we didn't use in game communication. I realize my mistakes and hope to be un-job banned from antagonist roles.

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I think the only reason I issued you a permanent antagonist ban is because you logged on me. Your friend, who stayed and with whom I could actually discuss the issue, received a warning or a temporary antag ban (like a week, and I forget which it was). Well, let's do a quick bit of dialogue: since the issue was a lack of RP with targets, what are your thoughts on how you could do better? Specially as a changeling.

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