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The webcam flashes to life, displaying a figure on the screens of anyone watching




The figure arches himself forward in his chair, lightly coughing into his fist before adjusting the webcam, grinning as he'd comfortably lean back into his chair.

"So, i've never done this thing before..."

He chews on his tongue, pondering for a moment on what to say.

"My name is Jesse Armstrong, I work aboard a station called the NSS Aurora... Uh, some of you may know me as 'Officer Armstrong'. I work the role of security.

He smirks, leaning in closer to the monitor as he shuffles himself forward in his chair.

"When i'm not shooting or cuffing people, I do enjoy long walks on the beach and little fluffy kittens.

But, yeah, before I say anything else, I guess i'm supposed to take questions so... If anyone's watching, ask away."

He reaches out to a small cup, sipping it as he shuffles back into his chair, eagerly glaring at the monitor before him.

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Another person joins the chat, A.Keener, a woman with brown, dry, stringy hair, looking over her shoulder. The room shes in is dimly lit, but you think shes looking at someone sitting on a couch behind her. The audio feed cuts in mid sentence.

"-cle, its not because his name is "stupid" I just picked something random from the people who have Aurora listed as their place of employment. Im just gonna say a few things and then you can talk to... Cargo techs, or engineers, or whoever it is you talk to."

The woman than turns back around towards the camera, jumping back a little when she realizes she was live.

"Oh, whoops, sorry. Right, um... Sorry. Questions, right, uh, security, is that fun?"

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He grins, stretching his arms as he peers closer at the monitor.

"Well... It's thrilling, that's a first. Working as a security officer is as good as working with law enforcement to say, as just as rewarding, mind the pay...

But honestly, it can get really tough at times, sometimes people don't listen to you, or the whole station goes out in flames, metaphorically that is. Though you get to meet a lot of great people, and care for the station."

"Let's not forget about the gear though. There's quite an arsenal, lethal or non-lethal. Patrolling officers on a code green are given a taser and a baton, and on blue are sometimes issued a carbine, and at red; well, armed to the teeth. There are restrictions on when to use weapons, such as you wouldn't taze a complying citizen, you'd 'politely' escort them to the brig. Same goes for a person who may be armed, it's better off trying to subdue him rather than flash."

"Hope that answers your question, thanks."

He clasps his hands together, lightly smirking as he falls back into his chair.

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The woman on the other side nods throughout his answer, once hes done, thought, she leans in a bit.

"Yes, but, uh, one more question. If you don't mind that is."

She leans back from the screen, taking a deep breath before speaking.

"Do you just- I-Is it some kind of joke to you people to ignore medical? Like, some kind of stupid inside joke between security, to just constantly ignore everything medical ffffffff-"

She holds the "F" sound for a bit longer, biting her lip, like she was trying to stop herself. After she just hits a button on her computer, and the audio feed cuts, and she finishes the word she was obviously going to say, and then the audio cuts back in, finishing with "says?"

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He frowns, leaning back slightly in his chair, folding his arms as he'd turn his gaze away from the monitor.

"Uh, no, not exactly... Well I don't, at least. That's the thing with security, or any other job, not all officers will be competent with their duties, some may even spurt up running jokes and long cons."

He turns back to the monitor, smiling.

"But don't worry, medical and 'medical stuff' is noticed by us."

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  • 5 months later...

The feed goes live again, the figure behind the camera smiles as be leans back into his chair, looking around their room for a moment before turning back to the webcam, smiling intently.

"So, I'm a detective now... Pretty swell job, title has a ring to is, heh... 'Detective Armstrong'; anyways, i've solved a couple of crimes and a murder too... Those years studying Criminal Law and Justice really paid off. Hope you all are safe and doing well, see you on the next shift!"

The feed goes dark.

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  • 2 years later...
Uriel Evans, late one night, started scouting out the Askme.NT feeds, looking someone to talk too. His own also up incase someone joined his. He typed away in Jesse's comment section since the feed appeared offline. "Hey Armstrong. Checking in on you. Still working yes?" He sent the messaged kinda without much thought as he went back to scanning the other profiles, but he watched his alert box incase he got something.
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The feed flickers back to life, the man appears drastically different from earlier video messages, seeming to have taken a rather unkempt appearance. The room he is in is dark, illuminated by a single desk lamp though through closer inspection one can make out the silhouette of various alcohol bottles in the table behind him. He leans closer onto the table, his eyes widen while idly scratching at his beard not before squinting to make out the characters on the screen. "Oh... Captain Evans, nice of you to drop by". He leans back into the chair, quietly sighing as he ponders for a moment, his gaze drifting away to an unspecified location in the room. "No, i'm still off the job. Should be back soon, I think." He pauses mid sentence before turning to face the camera once more "I guess it's a good thing, I've been trying other stuff like... Gardening and mixing drinks. Anyways, hope you're doing alright, haven't seen you in a while". Armstrong then reaches out to the monitor, gently pressing on the button, turning the feed off.
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Uriel blinks softly and tabs back into Jesse Armstrong's AskMe.NT page, catching him in his first few words, almost staring in horror at the sight before him. The Armstrong he use to know looked like a raging drunk. It was almost like Evans was staring in a portal of his past. He typed away a message. "Feeling alright Armstrong?"
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The camera feed remains turned off, a while had past since Armstrong replied. Spontaneously however, a message appears in reply to the previous, it's short, and seems like it was written without any meaningful thought behind it.

JesseMasterFlexArmstrong: all gucci

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