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  1. I don't know Bejewled much from an OOC standpoint but my interactions with their characters gives me nothing but positive things come to mind. They seem to capture the essence of roleplay well when they are playing, their reactions and interactions with elements of a round are realistic and serve to drive a narrative of their unique characters. I'm also satisfied with how they answered the questions, they have a sound grasp of the role of heads as leaders, as well as their OOC expectations as enablers of roleplay. Their in-lore knowledge is also well collected and they seem to extrapolate that knowledge to the use of furthering the stories of their characters. I definitely think Bejewled deserves a trial, good luck mate.
  2. Why not instead change the name/idea of cryo to like a transportation pod to a shuttle instead of some storage system. Like maybe a menu that pops up when you cryo asking if you want to enter stasis or go to a shuttle. It's just flavor really, maybe its not even really worth the extra button click tbh. I like it tho, just not the whole having to walk all the way to departures for it.
  3. might look discontent but im acc digging the new frames
  4. Yeah, totally agree with this. Makes sense for an official discord to be moderated by staff.
  5. Hi, I played the detective during the round. Let me give my side of things on what happened: - Mercs appear on station in the central ring, immediately go to take hostages - Hostages are implanted with explosives - Already kill one security officer, which was valid I believe because they tried escaping when held up - At this point is clear that they have little regard for crew life, question about calling ERT is raised - Mercs were asked over communications multiple times about what they had wanted, about 4-5 times by security, command, and medical crew even - Mercs refused to state any demands and were non-chalant for a good bit - I was shot on sight twice for trying to establish a line of communication despite not having a weapon out, the second time I had to go the rest of the round with shrapnel in me - ERT was called because no demands were given nor did they seem like they cared or wanted to, and crew had already died - Mercs finally gave their "demands" which was simply the word 'finances' - Mercs moved to try and take engineering, then went to the bridge were a large portion of the crew was bunkered up - It was at this point that officers were just engaged on sight without any chance to get in dialogue or roleplay of any sort, it devolved into a TDM fest - ERT arrived on station, a mercenary group that called themselves the Iron-Scales - As ERT arrived on station they said something over radio to the mercs like "Hey I recognize that voice from the heist last week", this made us believe that they spawned into the round with intentions of joining the mercs, as evidenced by how quickly they switched sides - Told them the situation, they demanded payment upfront, when it was told to them that it would be difficult given the situation, they immediately went to the mercs - Mercs made it clear that they weren't on-station for the money and were just "trying to send a message" - ERT switched over to join the literal terrorists because they gave them 50000 credits upfront, roughly equivalent to $16000 today(?) - ERT showed absolutely no concern about out of round implications or what it would mean to the name of their organization if they were to join terrorists in shooting up a civilian station - ERT opened fire on the HoS, not even allowing them to get a word in, it clearly was a mistake of utilizing the aim-intent, so the HoS stood still, rotated in place, and instead of being asked to surrender or given a chance to talk, was just gunned down - 5 briefcases of cash were enough to convince freelance mercenaries to defect to the side of terrorists, gunning down crew without any complaint - Very little reasoning for the ERT to behave this way, given the context of the server, clearly no consideration was made and the whole idea of defecting seemed pre-determined given the ERT immediately "recognizing" the mercs from their voice - Overall just a very unenjoyable round, seemed more like emphasis was put on clicking until horizontal than trying to pursue some sort of an engaging narrative, I can't think of a single person that was crew who thought what went on during the round was acceptable from an OOC standpoint
  6. SHODAN is a recurrent player who I am always pleased to see on the server. They are very extremely enjoyable to be playing with ICly, and very approachable and friendly OOCly. They haven't passed up an opportunity to provide me with feedback on my gameplay when asked; they are honest and seem to have a genuine investment in the playerbase. A sense of humor is also an important trait for a moderator to have, which I definitely think Rushodan has, while at the same time they know when it's time to be serious. After reading the interview log I can only reinforce my recommendation as they were able to display how they are impartial and will go the distance to investigate and understand all parties in a given situation or accusation. They seem to be asking questions and taking their time in the scenarios provided and and will attempt to gain an understanding of every detail before making a judgement. I feel that the server could not find a better fit for their moderation staff. For what my word is worth - I fully endorse this application. Good luck.
  7. I suggested something like this two years ago. Nothing came of it. Maybe we can add like an ominous beeping, or any indication that an explosion will take place.
  8. hairline all over the place, still look good
  9. As a security player who had played in the same round, I don't think that it's fair you are shifting the blame towards Campinkiller. The cultists on-station had their motives largely unknown and were capable of technologies not known before to the crew. As such, they are utterly unpredictable. When we thought there was only one, there were 4 more, people who can hide in plain sight. As per the regulations and detail on the wiki, a code red threat means that a threat is confirmed. To lower it to blue would mean that it would have had to have been eliminated beyond a reasonable doubt, which it wasn't. By narrowing your blame at Campin, you're ignoring the fact that the final antagonist spent over half an hour hiding and teleporting away from security, while at the same time making absolutely no effort to involve the crew in any action. I've also played numerous rounds with him and I can attest to him being the complete opposite of a "catch them all" type player that you detail. This round was a frustrating one for security players not because of him, he was facilitating roleplay and being informative to crew. It was frustrating because an antagonist decided to play cat and mouse and die alone instead of furthering a compelling narrative.
  10. Random events seem to predominantly involve security or engineering and it would be nice to see the same done for other departments. Mining, research, or medical.
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