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  1. Hii i want to reply to some points brought up here. First of all, i’ve thought over the issues brought. I had a chat over on the server with Arrow about this and he brought up how from both and IC and OOC standpoint that what I’m doing is a bit silly and unrealistic in regards to playing a command role. It makes sense, and even I can see after that round that it’s not beneficial to me or anyone else truly. Truth is I used to involve myself a lot with the security team, though I received some feedback that had made me reconsider my playstyle. I’ve been trying to cut back and give the team a breath of autonomy, which, I feel, works in /some/ cases. Though in a lot of a rounds where theres not really anything going on I find myself idling at my desk and not really doing much so I was looking for some form of roleplay or interaction whether it be with Miller or not. I can see that I took the feedback the wrong way, and in all honesty, and there’s probably a much better way to go about delegating a team instead of simply giving orders over the radio. I also have misunderstood the role of the loyalty implant, which i’ve read through over again to reassure myself. There's definitely more to the role than barking orders and I realize that shifting away from involving myself with the team is detrimental to people’s roleplay and experience which is something that I truly do not want to do. I would just like to comment on one little point: I’m sorry I found your feedback valuable, really, but I have never cryo’d or tried to cryo out of a round before. The only time I ever have is two times when the round got dragged on and I had work in the morning, and another one for a reason that I could not control. I ahelped before both and it was handled, otherwise i’ve never tried to dodge a round before. Sure maybe I’ve complained in LOOC by saying something like "not this shit again" but I go with the round no matter the predicament brought up. Though I get the point you’re trying to make, I never saw being the head of security as being a villain and the only time the character has been wrought with their conscience was when there was a CC announcement instructing the crew to choose 2 people to be forcefully borgified which I honestly think no one would agree to. Other than that, yeah, thank you for the comments and i’ll take them to heart next time i’m on the server. Till then, i’ll just leave this thread for an admin ig.
  2. I don't think I was keeping the security team in the dark. Given that comms was taken down for a good part of the shift I was still trying to actively communicate over a stationbounced radio. There was evidence to suggest that the AI was not altered by Miller as confirmed by the forensic technician. The law that made the AI was told to the Captain and over sec comms and it had done nothing to implicate any characters. The only evidence was from forensics. I was then told that Noir had an unusual fascination for the AI. Given that we had subversive elements in the security team, and HoP himself who admitted to being one that I felt that it would have not been safe to hand over the carded AI to someone not implanted. The Captain, who was the CE, appointed themselves illegally by breaking into the Captains office and did not consult a decision from either of the heads of staff. This is why I was also skeptical to hand the AI over. You see, now you did not tell me that this had happened. You simply told me that the AI was carded and not that the roboticist jumped to card it, were that the case I would've acted differently. When I was told about the AI in Xenoarch I had gotten the intellicard myself and was not aware that they had one. I only denied Noir's request to take the AI because I was told they had some odd reason for wanting it, and given the hostile elements in security, I felt it was safest to keep the card with myself. If I were to state its laws, which was already done, you would not have believed me and still would have pressed to take the AI regardless. I only learnt about the AI being found in xenoarch becauser Miller had informed me, you did not say anything over the station bounced frequency which, by keeping me out of the loop, only made this whole ordeal more worrying. This is a fair point, you were right to suspect such. Though I do feel that the justification of the implant makes sense here. It exists so that I make decisions in the best interest of the company. To hand over two station AI's to a person who I had believed had an unknown interest in the AI, who was in a team with subversive elements, could very much be harmful. It's not brainwashing, or neither was I trying to go for that, I believe my reason for not handing over a highly expensive and valuable piece of equipment to a person who didn't keep me in the loop for a good portion of the shift is justifiable. As I had said before, the 'captain' appointed themselves without any command input. Over the comms there was talk about the AI being wiped, and that was expected given that it had basically shocked every single door on the station and tried venting it. The belief was if that the station and fabricated AI was handed to someone who I could not reliably trust, it would turn out bad, for myself and the company alike. The threat I made to the acting captain was ehh, admittedly just too far, I had the feeling everyone was out to get my at that stage when Noir had mentioned they would take it by force, so I responded with such threats with my own. On top of that, given the recent Lance events and what had happened to Noir, I also felt that given all that was going on, it wouldn't be wise to hand someone who was suspected of working with the SLF two AI's. That's where the whole 'trust' thing stemmed from. I was busy for a good portion of the round with Kiva and Miller to retrieve the station AI. The rest of the team were given directives on what to do, and I let them act with a breath of autonomy. I have received feedback before that I am too hands-on as a head of security, so I have been trying to pace myself back and simply give directives and allow the team to act on their own volition. It is unfair to say that I was not keeping the team in touch when I had made a great effort to have everyone carry a station bounced and keep in touch, one of the things I literally state all the time as a head is how communication is imperative to the cohesion of a team. You knew what the AI's laws were, you knew the tasks that I had assigned, yet you didn't want to do any of them and decided to instead try to rouse the HoS because you felt there was a conflict of interest. I do not think that's fair given the circumstances of the round, you're only seeing things from your perspective here. I do admit, however, that keeping information like the AI from the team to be offputting, especially as a head of staff. Were it any other round I would have obliged and let the team view the laws. I wasn't keeping information for some shitty OOC reason, I was doing it based on the context of what happened during the round and I feel I was justified in that right.
  3. Reporting Personnel: Jesse Armstrong Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security Game ID: b2G-bYq4 Personnel Involved: - Berko Mutema, Security Officer, Offender - Qu Shin, Engine Technician, Offender - Leah Staymates, Crime Scene Investigator, Witness - Faith Windsor, Biochemis, Witness Time of Incident: N/A Real Time: 18:00GMT+4, 11/08/19 Location of Incident: Research, Medical Maintenance Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ x ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ x ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: During the shift, security had gained wind of the production of narcotics taking place. This was from a report of the theft of syringes made by Faith Windsor claiming that an engineer had taken syringes from medical, and that an officer had done nothing to prevent them. This was further investigated to reveal that the theft was made by Qu Shin and overlooked by Berko Mutema. Shin and Mutema had been admitted into the medbay some time after because of an apparent overdose that had afflicted Shin. They had brain damage as confirmed from medical, and drugs in their system. The drugs were unable to be identified due to medical being preoccupied with the surgery of another patient, and it had metabolized into their blood stream before it could be analyzed. A warrant was distributed for the search of medical and research, where the narcotics could have been produced. Forensic evidence revealed that fibers from clothing matching Qu Shin's at the time were found at both (exploratory chemistry) and (chemistry): Qu Shin was arrested on charges of trespassing, breaking and entering, and neglect of duty. This was for illegal entry into research, theft of syringes, and being high while on duty. She was taken onto the transfer shuttle as there was no time for her to be brigged during shift hours. Berko Mutema was called upon for an interview where he had confessed the activies being performed between both him and Shin. The book on 'designer drugs' was also located, and fibers were found matching that of Shin. They were suspected to have been injecting the drugs into themselves by medical maintenance, where they had surfaced to seek treatment after the overdose. I would like to note that this is not the first time that Shin has been charged for breaking and entering. She had once hacked into chemistry to gain the ingredients to create 'Dyn Tea'. They were caught, and let off with a warning. A formal injunction was filed barring them from being in chemistry given their extensive security record detailing a history of narcotics. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Myself, Jesse D. Armstrong, Head of Security. Actions taken: Arrest of Qu Shin, Berko was let off. Additional Notes: I request that Qu Shin be granted a leave without pay in order to rehabilitate and re-educate themselves, I have had a conversation with them regarding this topic and they have agreed to attend sessions and provide me with evidence of their attendance. This venture will not be sponsored by the company and I am instead taking it upon myself to see that they are fit to work with us. I would also request that Berko Mutema go through enforces sessions of rehabilitation, this is also because of their security record with narcotics and the circumstances of the shift leading me to believe they were not the driving force for this illicit consumption; rather they were talked into it.
  4. I've played with a good number of your characters and I really enjoy every interaction. You seem to know what you're doing, you drive the rounds for players and not try to shut them down which is quite an important consideration. I'm sure you having a command whitelist would suit the server quite well. +1
  5. While I must admit I don’t know all that much about IPC’s or their lore, I can still comment on my experience with Mama as a player. I have had interactions with all of their characters and they have shown the ability to consistency roleplay quality personalities. These interactions are not sparse mind you, I would not be commenting if I had not been able to reliably gauge their playstyle. On top of that, I find their backstory to be compelling and genuinely interesting. All these comments put together I can confidently say that Mama will be an excellent addition to the IPC race and has an interesting story to bring to the game. I hope to see their character in the coming shifts. I cannot +1 any harder, good luck mate.
  6. lmao its ridiculous when u hear it from a durand, the old voices were so much better
  7. your fellow not so robust hos
  8. mortal fool, your insolence has incurred the wrath of the rat god
  9. theres a post about showing ur face but not ur character (i think?) Jesse Armstrong
  10. I can’t say i’ve had many interactions with your characters aside from Faith and Vincent, but from what I know from them you are definitely a capable roleplayer who deserves a shot at command. +1 from me, good luck!
  11. I've had the pleasure of interacting with Lolziam for a number of rounds and I can confidently say that I can give sound feedback. He has shown that he is definitely capable of managing the station as well as being an excellent roleplayer, as evident from his time as the captain during this weeks event. He's made some mistakes, but it's natural for someone who's just starting out in a command position. I would not hold his mistakes against him and rather see them as an opportunity to learn from it. I'm glad that you were given a trial, and I hope to see more of you in rounds. +1
  12. Well i’ll go over the two comments against me. The baton rush incident posted by Amory was something that I did stupidly over a year ago if i recall correctly. I was severely reprimanded for it and I can say that I have definitely changed my playstyle for the better. I haven't played with him recently I think? Maybe in sec but no direct interaction unless he wants to comment on something recent. As for what Bygone said I don’t know if i’ve directly ever roleplayed with him. I’m not sure if what he’s saying is from an observers perspective but i’m sure its not something that happened recently unless he wants to say otherwise. But I get where he’s coming from when he said I was validhunty because that was kinda how I was like sadly. Even then he himself said he would not be against giving me a trial. As for the last comment I already said that what they mentioned is absolutely false and is not a fair judgement. I admitted even in my application that a year or so ago was a sticky time when it came to my interaction with the game. I’m sure now that has changed and i’m sure even you have seen it if you’ve ever observed my character, i’m more for the progression of the round and have definitely appreciated the slow paced idea of roleplay. I’m not the same dude I was a year ago, i’m sure no one is, i’ve matured quite a bit, I think it took me completing my first year at uni to take things slow and just enjoy the game. But i’m not tryna get deep or anything lol I just hope you can see i’ve reformed my playstyle, if not then I guess it is what it is and i’ll have to try again some other time. Thanks anyways.
  13. Easy +1, i've interacted with Rain and White several times on the server and I can confidently say that Tyranny would make an excellent head of staff.
  14. I am sorry but I cannot recall any round where you have had to “nearly arrest me” for drinking on the duty besides that heist round last night, where Armstrong didn't even drink. Any interaction I have Armstrong have with alcohol is primarily when he’s either off duty or as a response to traumatic events that took place during a round, and I can tell you with sure confidence that multiple players can attest to this. To say that this happens “nearly every round” is demonstrably false and just paints the character in a bad light if i’m being honest.
  15. BYOND key: Spider4062 Character names: Jesse Armstrong (I mainly play him) Jamal Compton Ernesto Perez How long have you been playing on Aurora?: It will be 4 Years in 5 days (30.06.2015) Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I want to build Jesse further. He's a character that i've been playing for almost 4 years now and I feel he has grown to the point where he's ready to be a head of staff. As well as that, I believe I have matured as a person and I can bring forth a new and reformed playstyle to command and make being on the security team all the more enjoyable with the things I have planned. I also believe that being a head of staff is crucial towards a rounds progression and gameplay, and because of the timezone where I live (GMT +4), I frequently notice that there is a lack in players and heads, and I hope to maybe fill this gap. Why did you come to Aurora?: I've always liked roleplaying, I had first started on GMod on HL2RP servers and I was out looking for more. I stumbled upon SS13 and starting playing on BestRP then I moved onto Unbound Travels and Phoenix, but I can't exactly remember in which order. I eventually came to the Aurora because it was the only HeavyRP server that I actually genuinely enjoyed, it had expansive lore and the players and staff were very welcoming despite my lack of any real 'heavy roleplay experience'. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes, I have written fleshed out records for my character that reflect this. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? I have, yes. Admittedly I was not the best player when I had first started and it cost me some bans and getting my security whitelist stripped once. Though I have taken these warnings seriously and I believe that I have drastically improved my play style and attitudes towards roleplay. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: I think roleplay on a more personal level is sort of an escape from reality, a way to step into someone else's shoes and experience a world from their eyes. It's a way of telling a story per se, a way for players to mix together their creative minds through a common interest. Every player also carries the responsibility of creating an environment where there are no ambitions to win or to lose, but rather to just enjoy the experience. Roleplay is such a fun thing to do as it can create these really engaging stories and I think I speak for everyone when I say that it's an enjoyable pastime, only if people collaborate together to make it so. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: I would argue that their purpose would be create unique roleplaying opportunities and guide rounds. They are, essentially, the controlling force of all the crew-members, their interactions and the decisions they make have a direct effect on the progression of a round. It's important that they guide players and enforce roleplaying standards, such as the sort of professionalism expected from working under a real job. They should also be collaborating with each other to make sure every player is engaged with the contents of the round. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: While we all have our own shared responsibility as players to create a welcoming and fair environment, whitelisted players have the responsibility of making the said environment engaging for everyone. They are also role models for roleplaying standards. Such as how a new player is more likely to follow the attitudes of the Head of Security, rather than a cadet, because it takes being an experienced player and a whitelist to land such a role. I have been working extensively to improve my playstyle and I engage myself more with other players, as command I would strive to uphold this standard to my best effort by encouraging more player interaction. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau Ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Jesse Armstrong, if anything, is a man who follows a strong set of morals and holds his ambitions high. He was born and raised on Earth till he was eight years of age, however after the untimely death of his mother, his father alone was unable to support the cost of living on Earth and was forced to move to Biesel for a new job. Growing up in Biesel, NanoTrasen had become a great influence in his life, he had grown to admire the corporation for the many jobs it had created and its attitudes towards pioneering the way for the future. Being raised in both systems had taught Jesse an important lesson about the consequences of the disparity in wealth and status. He had grown to sympathize the less fortunate, seeing a part of them residing in himself. This turning point in his life had lead him to serve as a Detective in Mendell City for seven years, hoping he could make a difference, albeit a small one in District 11; a sector with a low socioeconomic status, devoid of people like himself. Following an accident that had cost him his left hand, he had set out for new prospects, eventually finding himself back to his childhood and his admiration of NanoTrasen. He chose to enlist into the security team, and was assigned to the NSS Aurora. Through this profession he was greeted with a plethora of races and interesting individuals who had broadened his worldview and changed his life for the better. Working as a security officer for 4 years now, Jesse has his feet firmly planted into his career in NT, and has further grown to respect their ideals and motives of work. After all, it was through this profession that allowed him to grant an improved quality of life for him and his father. It is because of this he has his hopes set for the future and sees himself leading the security team and improving it with the philosophies he learnt throughout his life. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? Head of Security Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Jesse Armstrong - Head of Security How would you rate your own roleplaying?: I feel that I have drastically improved over the course of my time on this server, still, I find it difficult to rate myself. Though I feel that people have learned to appreciate my capabilities more, and I feel to be getting along with more players every day, so that may be something to consider. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? Yes, I am definitely more careful about my approaches in the game. Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yes, I have read all the security guides and the guide to command. Extra notes:
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