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  1. i love how the detective/warden/cadets cannot communicate with security officers, my favorite part of the update
  2. BYOND Key: Spider4062 Accused Players Byond Key: Tomkiel (@tomkiel) Time of Act: 20:00-ish GMT+4 (Dubai time) Reason for Ban: Tomkiel has shown himself to be a player who is very much against the progression and fun of the round, and what he may consider roleplaying only really seems to be beneficial for him and not for others. He plays security officer Marlowe Caldwell, and in this round in particular, he is a changeling. From my perspective, I had found the detective's dead body in the maintenance tunnels. Marlowe came, and I had asked him to instead help Willow Harper who had also found another dead body. Without any roleplay, and motive, Marlowe simply states "you're next" and begins wordlessly hacking me to death with his arm blade, I was able to react and run away but it wasn't enough to stop him. I think it's also worth stating that @Lonely Caravan was the moderator who had responded to my ahelp during the round, he told me that the situation was resolved, but I didn't really get much more than that so i'm instead writing the report after. This isn't the first round where Tomkiel has exhibited such behavior. In a mercenary round (i forgot the gameID, so most likely cannot be used as evidence), Marlowe and I had captured a mercenary (Ryang3310). We were attempting to interrogate him in order to find out any motive or information about him and his team. Marlowe instructed me to leave the brig and find the rest of the mercs, and as Ryan had described it to me in deadchat during this round, he "asked me what I was doing here, and then shot me in the head 5 times". Every time I play alongside Marlowe, he has shown a tendency to want to find any excuse to engage in hostilities or "win" the round. In another wizard round (again, no gameID, i'm sorry), Marlowe was attempting to find any reason to hunt down and arrest the peaceful wizard (@ShesTrying) simply because she had boarded the station through unconventional means and could teleport around. I understand that aside from the report i've made for the current round that everything else is basically hearsay, but I think it's important to consider that I am not the only person who has had problems with this character, and that he is constantly trying to kill or win rounds. Evidence: GameID: bZE-cIEr I sadly do not have evidence from previous rounds, and admittedly, I should've made a report about him earlier, but if you were to perhaps ask @ryang3110, @ShesTrying or other players who may have interacted with him, i'm sure you might hear the same response.
  3. +1 i think this is cute, since jake always brings up woofer this would be a nice little novelty item that would suggest the characters love for woofer
  4. I've RP'd and played quit a bit with Sophie, and I think they deffo deserve a command whitelist +1
  5. BYOND Key: Spider4062 Staff BYOND Key: ReadThisNamePlz Game ID: bVR-cpOg (Autotraitor) Reason for complaint: Unfair warning issued Evidence/logs/etc: I'm not sure what logs I can provide, I just feel that a warning was issued to me that I was powergaming and it was done unfairly. The only way I can see to explain this is to give all the details leading up to what I was warned for to give an idea of my thought process to show that I had no intention of powergaming nor was I doing it. During this round I had joined late and was informed of 3 hostile elements in the station, all who are armed and have harmed the crew. I gear up, and go to check on the officers that had been admitted into medical. The warden told me that he had his energy pistol stolen, and that the attacker was armed with ballistics and now an energy weapon. He also informed me that he had his ID stolen as well, meaning no one can open the armory for me, especially since a stationbound robot was also rogue. At the time I was unaware of any other active security officers, just the two who were in medical, Lloyd (one of the officers) told me that I should go to engineering because there is an armed person there, I do so and find the detective SSD who I later strip of belongings, leave them in the brig lobby, and cryo them. I had only non-lethal weaponry equipped and was about to respond to a situation on my own without lethal weaponry, I was okay with doing it at first because there was no way for me to get any lethal weaponry and I had the idea that I could just retreat instead of actively fighting someone, but now I was put in a situation where I could've used the detectives revolver. Since the detective was now cryo'd, a new one would come along later so i'd be able to return it, but until then I felt it unwise to leave a lethal weapon in the brig especially when one of our own is a rogue element, plus it would've been beneficial to me. I told Lloyd I was taking it, and she was okay with it. I kept my .45 rubber in my holster where it was easily accessible, and the .38 in my backpack, but I later moved the .38 into the holster because it wouldn't fit in my belt and took up backpack space, so it was not .45 belt and .38 holster. The idea was that I would've much rather be able to just press 'h' and quickly reach for the .45 rather than a lethal weapon. Now after this, every situation I had responded to I responded to with non-lethal weaponry in hand, because I would much rather have to resort to using that instead of the lethal one. Long story short, I was then put in a situation where I was met with an assailant who brandished a lethal weapon and threatened to kill an officer, I felt it was best at this time to use the .38, as what may have come next would put the peoples lives at danger, something a .45 rubber wouldn't be able to stop. Even with my .38 in hand I didn't want to resort to shooting, I attempted to talk to the person who was armed, attempted to defuse the situation so that it wasn't necessary, which was when I was bwoinked and told to not powergame. We argued back-and-forth but he was adamant on warning me on this and putting a permanent warning for me: After cryoing the detective, you took their .38 because you lacked any other lethals. This is a "just in case" response, although indirect. This is incredibly powergamey to me, you have several other ways on the station to achieve lethal ammunition for your .45. Taking gear from people that you cryo is not okay, it screws over the person that joins into the round afterwards in that slot. Don't do this again, it will result in a job ban. He used the 'just in-case' argument on me, which I honestly felt wasn't fair because this was more or less the only way I could've had some assurance that I would be able to get out of a potentially lethal situation. I mean, why carry a taser around when playing sec? Just in-case the person is too far to use a baton. Why carry pepper spray? Just in-case someone is wearing sunglasses for a flash. Why carry around a gas-mask? Just in-case you're forced to use a teargas grenade. Why carry around a lethal weapon? Just in-case you're being fired at with lethal rounds and need to retaliate. Also there were no other ways for me to get a lethal weapon, the captain had opened the armory and there was nothing, there was no research who can make me a gun, and he finally insisted that I could've used the autolathe or ordered something from cargo which would involve illegally modifying the autolathe and spending points that I cannot afford (security paycheck). That was my only option, I couldn't have taken it to his office, and it would've been dangerous to leave it alone. Finally, I had every intention to return the weapon to the next detective that would come. I understand that I should've ahelped, as per the rules advise, which I do admit is my mistake and may be the reason why there wasn't an understanding between the two of us. Now I want to quote the rules on its definition of powergaming: Powergaming - Also know as 'playing to win'. If you're trying to complete your objectives, kill the antagonists, or 'win', at all costs and ignore RP, you may be better off somewhere else (1). This includes having your character unafraid of death or pain, resistant to any torture, ready to battle alone against a crowd of opponents, or, being unarmed, senselessly attacking a gun wielder or hostage taker (2). This also includes loading up your character with items 'just in case', for example wearing internals 'just in case' there's a hull breach or plasma leak (3). Or wearing a spacesuit indoors for no reason. Further, this includes using knowledge that your character would not possess: such as knowledge of changelings, the cult, syndicate, et cetera, and acting on it. (1) Picking up the .38 didn't mean I was going to ignore RP. As I said before I would've much rather RP'd than go into a gunfight, which is why I tried to defuse the situation and talk with the antagonist who probably would have wanted to express their motive and further add to the RP of their character, which I am totally for. (2) If anything me taking it seems like a far more realistic decision to make rather than trying to defend myself and other from an attacker who has lethal weaponry. (3) I had knowledge of a situation and wasn't taking the lethal weapon in anticipation that the antagonist also had one, I took it because I know for a sure fact that they have one and that they have hurt/killed people. I feel like this version of a 'just in-case' is more understandable than say me taking the detectives revolver just because I want a lethal weapon, I felt that this was situational and the situation I was in allowed for me to arm myself with such. I know this looks bad, me having just come out of a jobban and being hit with this warning. I have expressed before that I have been trying to reform my playstyle and being warned about something that I have tried so hard to avoid seems unfair because I strongly believe what I was doing wasn't powergaming. I feel that maybe if ReadThisNamePlz had further understood my thought process then this warning would not have been applied in the first place, but I am to blame for that because I did not voice that process ICly or OOCly to anyone. Additional remarks: I wish I could've made this 'report' somewhere else, I don't like wording it as a complaint because I feel its a bit harsh of a word and don't think the moderator at the time really did anything wrong, its more of just not being able to see my side of things and take a little longer to understand my point of view on the whole situation. I understand I should've ahelped first but I would've appreciated being able to find a compromise in chat rather than have to make a forum post about it.
  6. devile....... and if you want to roast me, people have already taken a shot at it on reddit: http://redd.it/7ynbn6
  7. The camera feed remains turned off, a while had past since Armstrong replied. Spontaneously however, a message appears in reply to the previous, it's short, and seems like it was written without any meaningful thought behind it. JesseMasterFlexArmstrong: all gucci
  8. The feed flickers back to life, the man appears drastically different from earlier video messages, seeming to have taken a rather unkempt appearance. The room he is in is dark, illuminated by a single desk lamp though through closer inspection one can make out the silhouette of various alcohol bottles in the table behind him. He leans closer onto the table, his eyes widen while idly scratching at his beard not before squinting to make out the characters on the screen. "Oh... Captain Evans, nice of you to drop by". He leans back into the chair, quietly sighing as he ponders for a moment, his gaze drifting away to an unspecified location in the room. "No, i'm still off the job. Should be back soon, I think." He pauses mid sentence before turning to face the camera once more "I guess it's a good thing, I've been trying other stuff like... Gardening and mixing drinks. Anyways, hope you're doing alright, haven't seen you in a while". Armstrong then reaches out to the monitor, gently pressing on the button, turning the feed off.
  9. This doesn't seem to be the case? It has been 17 days since you posted your last appeal; much less than a month. With that said, you have taken what Aboshehab said to heart and have been playing a lot of rounds as your main character in the civilian department. That is good to see. However. You acknowledge here that you were contacted by staff, and you have a note from that interaction. On the one hand, you say you've realized the problems with your previous playstyle, but on the other you acquire another note for powergamey behavior, in the same vein as the type of thing you were banned for. Why should you be given another chance at playing security, after having multiple, when basic rules are still seeming to be an issue? I made the appeal on the 30th of june, it’s now august, it’s been more than 17 days im sure. I counted 44 days since the last appeal, either that or im doing the math wrong, in that case, I apologize. Also I had tried to explain why my character carrying a toolbelt wasnt powergaming, I genuinely just want to have a toolbelt around, i’ve used the tools before in the bar with moving tables and basic construction. Along that, it also looks kinda nice on my character model, a whole mechanic type of vibe that i’ve been going for when playing as an assistant. I’ve really tried to avoid powergaming at all, one round I was offered to use a Durand to take down raiders on the station and didn’t make much use of it because of the fear of being taken into an admin situation. Really the whole toolbelt thing was a misunderstanding, the moderator who talked to me about it later allowed me to have it after we agreed that there’s no need for me to carry a multitool or insul gloves around (i picked them up because they were on the table in surface tool storage) and after that i’ve never repeated that same mistake. I won’t even have tools when playing as a sec officer so me carrying a belt wasn’t powergaming, honestly. Aside from this I don’t believe i’ve broken any other rules.
  10. BYOND Key: Spider2046 Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Aboshehab Reason of Ban: Banned from Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Forensic Technician, Security Officer, Security Cadet - Employed more than permitted force on a hulked vampire, shooting at them lethally without any attempts to stun/detain. Excessive shooting also resulted in the venting of the brig. Per your previous entries, this is a clear case of you valid hunting and not thinking things appropriately. This is a permanent security department job ban, which you may appeal no date before 27/07. Reason for Appeal: I've taken about over a month off my previous appeal to play some more on the server, granted it was difficult for me to play at times because I was occupied with applying for a student visa. I also find it hard because of timezone, here in Dubai, when I usually go on my computer at around the afternoon-evening time the server has a really low population making for slow rounds without much RP. Regardless, I hope I've been able to provided enough of a sample of my play to judge this appeal off of. I did pick up one admin intervention, but that was due to my characters knowledge of being able to repair a prosthetic, which was later dismissed. I've taken this time to me more mindful of how I play, and not rush into situations without thinking because it can ruin people's game. Honestly, I really miss playing as a security officer, and i'm ready to reform my entire playstyle as I hope I've demonstrated.
  11. Banned from Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Forensic Technician, Security Officer, Security Cadet - Employed more than permitted force on a hulked vampire, shooting at them lethally without any attempts to stun/detain. Excessive shooting also resulted in the venting of the brig. Per your previous entries, this is a clear case of you valid hunting and not thinking things appropriately. This is a permanent security department job ban, which you may appeal no date before 27/07. I had a look at your WI and these are the rounds you've played this month with present characters. Now, I do realize you played a few rounds the month before, the few days after the ban I applied, but that since you couldn't play security, your activity dropped down to these 3 rounds in the last 27 days. In addition to the fact you have 34 staff entries, 32 of them negative, practically every issue being a repeat. If I'll even be more specific, you have 6 warnings and 5 different bans. You don't have a large enough sample size for me to judge you to be suitable for an unban. I'm going to deny this, you can appeal tomorrow or a year from now, me accepting an appeal is dependent on whether you are able to abide with the rules and cause no issues while playing other jobs. Do note you actually even gained a negative staff entry after the ban itself. Appeal denied. Leaving this open for another 24 hours. I couldn’t play on the server for a bit because of some BYOND update, and I didn’t really play much on high-pop because the bartender role that I chose for my new character was almost always taken. Regarding the ticket I had gotten, I believe it was about playing a believable character which I later changed and fixed in the next round. Aside from that, I get your reasoning, thanks for the quick reply. Regarding needing a larger sample size to judge me on, would you just want to see me more active on the server? Discord even?
  12. BYOND Key: Spider4062 Total Ban Length: Permanent, though I was told that I was able to appeal it after a month, which is today. Banning staff member's Key: Aboshehab Reason of Ban: I'm not sure of the official wording of the ban, but I know it was because of poor escalation of force during a round, and on top of that, my previous infractions as a security member. Reason for Appeal: I realize where I messed up. The whole valid-hunting thing is really just stupid, it's not beneficial to RP and all it really does is ruin people's rounds. I rarely play as non-sec but I took this month off to try other jobs, write a new backstory for my character, and further improve my RP. Now I see the effect my actions would have, I would not have wanted to interact with a player like me. At first I was convinced I was in the right but I now realize that what I had done, which was spoil the round for several people, and the only one who benefited from it was me. After all that, I've always enjoyed and really miss playing on the sec team, and this is really the only good RP server where I can do so. I think this month off has helped me realize how to RP better and not be an irritation to people. I hope you will consider my appeal, thank you.
  13. does it come in red instead of green?
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