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  1. Big fat +1 Crystal has shown themselves to be a competent roleplayer and someone who understands how to drive a round forward. I can't say I've had any negative experiences with them and am sure they would do well with a head of staff whitelist as exhibited through rounds where they were granted an interim position.
  2. give it a chainsaw like that one starship troopers movie
  3. yes every single person that plays security is a valid hunter well done 👏
  4. your efforts to make the forum more active have been recognized
  5. i guess since im playing again heres me
  6. I had given my reasons for wanting the posi removed and had wanted to elaborate further with the Autakh but they completely ignored me and wordlessly went on with the surgery (or repair idk what to call it). That's why I just reacted with the baton as they seemingly didn't want to have any reasonable interaction with me. Not to forget the context of the round. It was focused around a document that would (allegedly) threaten Nanotrasen and put them in a bad position with the law. There were directives provided by Central Command to secure them and not allow anyone who isn't implanted to be able to view them. I had an interaction with HEPH-MOVER earlier during the round and he and his team seemed adamant and determined in exposing this so-called truth to everyone and were not willing to back down at all. They didn't accept payment and he at one point also stated he was under orders. It was because of this I felt it would've been the best course to have the posi removed so that it could be controlled easier instead of risking a breach of information by a quite powerful IPC. I have to apologize as I didn't know that it wasn't dead and was only heavily injured, it had been shot with the kill-ion twice and I'm not familiar with the units make or robustness really oocly. Honestly all this could've been avoided if Paradox spared the time to allow interaction with my character instead of completely ignoring them to complete a request. I know it's a morally questionable thing to do to an IPC but the events of the round had called for that. I'm not surprised that they denied the order, that's natural in any case but they didn't even try to hear me out or understand the gravity of the situation, which I feel wasn't justified OOCly or ICly and was reasonably responded to with an arrest. They had shown a lack of fearrp and painrp when being arrested and did not want to back down even with the threat of an ion rifle. The whole interaction would've proven to be a threat to their employment and even life but they ignored such because they wanted to fix a robot that came from a hostile boarding party, which I find to be an unrealistic response.
  7. 1. Honestly, from what I understand, the job of the QM is simply to see that orders go through. They do not have the decision to deny an order given it was done through the proper facets, ready payment, and authorization from a head of staff. To me it was straightforward neglect of duty. The captain and HoP at the time had both agreed that they were not doing their job properly and were informed of the consequences of an arrest should they continue to refuse to do their job. To me supply seems like a low-skill job, and their reasons for denying the order were not valid either from an IC standpoint. 2. It was brought up with the captain and HoP over comms @SatinsPristOTD was Scarlett Hayden. I told them what was going on and an officer asked if they could make the QM give the order. I don't think she did though but she agreed when I had made the arrest and there was no objection from any heads of staff. The HoP at the time was quite unresponsive but that was due to them being an antag at the time. 3. Yes, I told them that the IPC was a hostile insurgent that boarded with a raiding party. A number of times, actually, they still did not listen.
  8. I had only beaten their legs when they were knocked down because they had still refused to stop chasing me. They continued to get up even when being ioned. I was afraid one more shot would've killed them so I had moved to disable their robotic limbs. Edit: Looking back at the chat logs, their legs were sparking. I didn't see that, I was too focused on the sprites on my screen. What I had saw was them still getting up and still approaching me.
  9. This is demonstrably false, anyone who looks at the logs can see what you have just said is absolutely incorrect. I had gave a direct order to remove the posibrain of the raider who had boarded the station and engaged security personnel. They are, effectively, a threat to the station along with them having been in possesion of sensitive documents that would seriously damage Nanotrasen. The Autakh Unathi did not listen to me when I asked them to take out the posi, instead they simply responded "i will fix" or something along the lines of that before wordlessly moving to do surgery. I gave ample warning, I first told them verbally to stop. They did not listen. I batoned them, used cable and told them to stop. They did not listen. They broke the cuffs and lashed out to me, I tased them, they got back up and still did not listen. They had the saw in their hands and that's when I finally brandished the ion rifle, on stun, mind you, and asked them to stand down. At this point I had no ammo in my baton or my energy pistol so I had to use my telebaton on disarm intent on the other attacking scientist, which does no damage and only deals hallos. It was at this point they STILL charged at me, despite me having an ion rifle. The IPC on the table was even ASKING to have its posi removed instead of going through with this. I shot them with the stun ion, they disregarded all fearRP and self-preservation for themselves. After I used the ion, they were on the floor. But get this, they STILL got up. I had to then disable their legs with the baton at harm intent, I had no cuffs, and there was no cable to restrain with as they were all broken. Medical was let in, security came in and cuffs, and I did not touch them after that. Saying that I dragged them to security is false, I tended to the problem of the raiders, not the Unathi who was disobeying orders for no understandable reason. The heads voting for demotion was related to another IC incident which was, well, IC.
  10. Given the station been assaulted by raiders, liidra, and now the recent SLF arc, it makes sense for the armory to be stocked with lethal munitions. This has been done plenty of times before, I've seen it myself. The officer that said it was for 'training' wasn't speaking for me. I was bwoinked about it and I said that it was to be kept in the armory unless needed, and the ticket was closed. If security was restricted to what they had in the armory then why even have the cargo order in the first place? If it was the actual case of an emergency it's very likely that services would be held up or attempted to be disabled if there was wind of extra munitions being routed to the station by the Odin. Also Easter having a balaclava is fine, he keeps his face visible which is no problem for me.
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