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Hi! Adminhelps, Complaints & You!


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Okay. This is getting silly, stupid and unnecessary.

If you have an issue regarding the present, ongoing round, in which you are actively participating, and you spot something that is, or may classify as a violation of the rules, then please, adminhelp the issue, and seek to solve it with the active involvement of a Moderator or an Administrator.

Recently, over the past month, I've been seeing a stupid increase of situations where someone feels wronged, and their immediate course of action is to get the offending party's ckey, and write a complaint about them. This is wrong. Why is it wrong? Because you are contributing towards prolonging "due process" and towards a mentality of, "I don't like something, so I'm going to bitch someone out over it." I have seen multiple cases over the last two weeks (consider: I haven't actually been on the server for this week, and I still perceive this as an issue), where even if the rule violation is, as initially perceived, anyways, clear and simple, the offended party chooses to simply acquire a ckey to write a complaint later about. We even have a rule nearly forbidding this line of though, and yet it still exists!

If you adminhelp a case, then it is also easier for the admins to solve it. We have logs more easily accessible (tied to mobs, ckeys, etcetera), we have the people involved present and immediately at our disposal, making contact faster and more immediate, and we have immediate access to the notes of the individuals, their warnings, etcetera. Our ability to assess is usually more immediate than it is with a complaint, and so a solution can be drafted up faster.

And hey, you're not dragging anyone into a silly slugfest! Nor getting yourself involved in one! It' just a matter of answering a few questions, listening to the admin's assessment, and moving on with your day! You may even get a respawn or other shit, depending on the situation. Neat, right? Oh, and if you're displeased about the admin's solution to a given issue, then you can raise it for review in the staff complaints board.

But Skull! When do I submit an actual player complaint?! The most classic complaints of player complaints revolve around actions over a prolonged length of time (let's say, a player's conduct being constantly shit), a series of borderline cases, situations that you weren't originally sure about, but in retrospect, wish evaluated. Obviously, also cases where no staff received the adminhelp.

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