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Permanent Unban Appeal (an94)

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BYOND Key: an94

Total Ban Length: Permanent.

Banning staff member's Key: Covert0ddity

Reason of Ban: Sorry. But you are definitely trolling, and you refuse to change your name. If you really want to appeal this ban, proceed to our forums. Thanks! :)

Reason for Appeal: Back then I was in a bitchy mood, and I couldn't understood why would a surname such as the "Emperor" be disallowed on the server. It's not like that word is reserved only to the great leaders that have done their parts in this world, and I haven't yet seen somebody with a surname "King" get lashed to death just because they were called that and not the different way.

I argued with her, and then she banned me, after I refused to change my name. It's not like I could even change my name, since I was already playing the round! And I just want to play on some heavy RP server again, just have fun with chill settings that might provide some fun to me yet again. Other servers are either always dead, or they revolve too much on the cyber-fucking aspect. (My face when I got a voice in my head telling me that I should rape one crew member.)

So yeah, I am sorry, I want to play back after probably 6-8 months of his ban being applied. It was a damn long time, that's for sure.

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