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Unban Request - Belphegor / Lucifers son

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BYOND Key: Lucifers son

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: Skull132

Reason of Ban: Chemistry grief

Reason for Appeal:

My reason that I think is good enough for me to be unbanned is that I have been banned for over a year, original one applied on 2014:12:21, and since i think that i have matured to not do anything heinous, but if you think unbanning me is being generous, I really don't mind if you jobban me from chemistry if you want, if it means that I can play on Aurora station again.

Original Post

now, sorry if this inconveniences you, But i would humbly request to be un banned, due to the extended amount of time since my last, and complete justifiable, banning I would like to be reinstated as a member of the Awesome NSS Aurora station, As i have had time to play on Other servers, i have found that they just are not as good or heavily populated and unique as Aurora is, with its very friendly player base. I was banned on the 2014-12-21 so you dont have to loot it up, but be welcome to to confirm i am not lying. And i was banned due to me being very Idiotic with Chemistry, as i had just discovered SS13 chemistry and the sins of plasma smoke, I was quite new to the game and made a very stupid decision in which the admin on duty banned me for, and i dont blame him/her, now with me reflecting on those actions i believe myself to be matured to SS13 as such that i hope i may be able to become a great crewmate to you all,and again sorry if this text annoyed/inconvenienced you, and have a awesome day.

Yours sincerely Belphegor,Origin: Christian demonology and Kabbalic mythology, god of orgies.

(chose that name due to him literally being the god of orgies, so coooool, and i thought i might want to indulge in some childish-ness to my name, as i suspect i am way to uptight with my method of speech.)

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