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Garn's server moderator application

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Basic Information

Byond Account: Garnascus

Character Name(s): Ludwick Foreal,

AI Name(s): P.E.R.I

Preferred means of contact: Forum PM here would be fine

Age: 23

Timezone: USA eastern

When are you on Aurora?:

Im on sporadically on weekends but during the week i usually catch two full rounds a day from 2-8ish,


How long have you played SS13?: About 8 months now

How long have you played on Aurora: about five months

How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: I would say i have mastered about 40% of this game and have working knowledge of another 45%.

Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: For ss13 specifically no, but ill detail my other credentials down below.

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: I remember being banned at one point from a server, dont remember which one but it was my second time ever playing the game and i made a mistake fighting on the shuttle.


Why do you play SS13?: Its fun roleplaying, and i like the depth of situations that can happen as well as the mechanics of certain fiels, especially medical.

Why do you play on Aurora?: quite frankly i think its the best High RP server that does events.

What do moderators do?: Ensure the player base is acting in accordance with rules and also act as an example others should follow.

What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: It means being held to a higher standard and being able to work well in a team.

Why do you want to be a moderator?: I have always enjoyed an officer or moderator type role and have experience handling a large array of issues with people.

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I'm impartial and take care in assessing any situation, I have experiance working with a wide array of people, even those that dont speak much english. i am punctual and honest, i prefer speaking plainly rather than beating around the bush.

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?:

very well, if im accepted as a moderator i have to remember im setting an example for others to follow. I believe myself to handle stress and insults relatively well.

Anything Else You Want to Add: (Do not put words here)

So i wanted to talk a little bit about why i believe myself qualified for this position. Like a lot of people ive played world of warcraft extensively over the years and have held officer positions in two differant guilds and have been a core raider in a top one hundred guild with a 16 hour a week raid schedule. What i want this to convery is my ability to coordinate with a large group of people, and how i can handle a lot of logistical work such as what players we brought in for a fight or how we get materials we need. During my time as officer i had to handle a lot of disputes and sometimes make difficult decisions such as removing people from the roster or sitting them for not performing properly. In real life i work as a security guard so i have experience being something that people look to and hold to a bit of a higher standard as well as experience in identifying problems. I believe myself qualified for moderator status,

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My interview with Garnascus:


Moderator PM to-Garnascus: First situation: A new player joins with the character name "Vladimir Putin", a bald 30 year old assistant. Our records show their account is 2 days old. What do you do?

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): i would message him, say hello and ask him if he is a new player to SS13, if he is and i determine hes not just a troll i would ask him to change his name to something more appropriate of a high RP server.

Moderator PM to-Garnascus: Mkay, second situation: You get an ahelp from a player saying that they have been permabrigged for no reason. What do you do?

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): first thing i do is afk who the individual was that permabrigged him. then ill check to see if any involved players are antag or if the round type influences it. if nobody is an antag ill take care to determine if its an IC issue and if the perma brigging was justified. i dont know how much of an inflence you want mods to have on affect round choices like that but if i found it was actually a poor reason i would want the individual to be let out.

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): err i mean ask who the individua was, not afk. typo

Moderator PM to-Garnascus: Okay, so, assume that the brigging player tells you the player was breaking into secure tool storage as a doctor, and they aren't an antag, then what do you do?

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): well trespassing has its own brig sentence and perma is not one of them. however i would be really hesitant to straight up command him to let him out as this is a high RP server, i would probably try and tell him to let an IAA agent talk to them or something more conduscive to RP


Moderator PM to-Garnascus: Namaste! Hello! Sorry that our last interview got cut short, there was a string of incidents I needed to handle all the way to round end. Would you mind if I picked up where we last ended?

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): yeah no problem, dont worry about it

Moderator PM to-Garnascus: Okay, so we were on hypothetical situations. The next one is this: Suddenly a bunch of Modlogs appear about two guys shooting eachother. You recognize one as being a regular player, but you don't really know this player that well. It looks like they're shooting at eachother with lethal weapons, but you were in the lobby so you don't have much else information on the situation. There are no other mods or staff on at the time. Go.

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): well id first have to check to see if either is antag or not and then id question both of them as to why they are jumping to lethals to determine if its justified escalation of force IC

Moderator PM to-Garnascus: Okay, and if neither is and antag but they say their two characters have had a long standing IC conflict for several round, and that this round was the final straw for both of them, so they decided to then have a dual to the death.

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): Hmm, thats pretty tricky. at that point its an IC issue and id likely let security and Heads handle it

Moderator PM to-Garnascus: Okay then, final situation: A player adminhelps that another player, one you know well but have never had to deal with as a moderator, is powergaming. A quick check on them reveals that they, as a non-security role (such as either a quartermaster, scientist, or doctor), have managed to arm themselves heavy using the most powerful weapons they could have legitamately aquired in that job (such as a powered crossbow as a quartermaster, a polyacid syringe gun as a doctor, or a laser canon as a scientist), and is currently in a firefight with the nuke team. They are winning. What do you do.

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): server rules dictate that is reccomended to /not/ play the hero. i would have to check to see if theres good reason why this specific character is going rambo but the likely course of action will be that he is indeed powergaming and if thats the case i would issue him a warning

Moderator PM to-Garnascus: Okay, and if after you warn them, you notice that along with the warning you've just given, they have a long record of similiar incidents like this?

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): at that point i would have to issue a ban, failure to learn from warnings and a history of occurences like that isnt acceptable. im unsure of exactly what type and how long the bans are mods apply but i do know some sort of ban would be applied in that situation

Moderator PM to-Garnascus: Trial mods can only temp ban, but mods proper can issue permanent bans, as well as job and antag bans.

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): alright yeah then i would likely issue a ban of a few days or so

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): err not likely, i would

Moderator PM to-Garnascus: Okay then, we're just about done then. This interview and it's contents will not be shared with anyone outside the administration staff within your consent. Do you want this to be made public avaliable for review by the general community on your application, or just to administration for their review?

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): i have no problems with you letting the general community see it

Moderator PM to-Garnascus: Okay, it will be released and posted on your application shortly, once all other interviews with the other applicants have been completed.

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): alright thank you very much

Moderator PM to-Garnascus: No problem, thank you for your cooporation and I wish have a nice round.

Moderator PM to-Garnascus: Ahem, I wish you have a nice round...I need more sleep :<

Player PM from-Garnascus/(Ludwick Foreal)(?): hehe

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The biggest problem i had with the interview is the procedure on which a moderator intervenes in regards to the line between an OOC issue and an IC issue. Particularly the bit about unwarranted perma brigging. Ideally id like to facilitate some RP between a head or an IAA agent to get the individual released as this /is/ a high RP server. I believe i have a good sense of what is right and what is wrong and if i was ever unsure im sure the staff of this server are more than capable of giving me guidance in dishing out judgements.

Regardless of the outcome of my application i respect either decision and welcome any and all criticism to it.

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I like Garnascus' point there actually, admins and mods shouldn't blatantly interfere with an IC issue such as a permabrigging, sending a subtle message or just bwoinking the IAA/Head of Sec or Captain is enough to start some political Internal Investigation. I have seen Garnascus perform well so far as a Trial Moderator.

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