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Oh the humanity...

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Right... The past few days have gone through quite a shitstorm. Bad decisions by both staff, and players. Headmins permabanning people without a blink of an eye, and after being given some solid points, they begin making excuses, that they are banning this person for her brash behaviour (AKA honesty).

I am usually a timid person, tending to ignore the problems of the server and other peoples, while tending mostly to myself, but the group, and the person. I used to have a lot of respect for most of the playerbase and the staff, just because I didn't know them enough. But now... All of that is lost. I want to let it all out.. I am enraged with all the hipocricy, the lack of self-awareness, as well as the inability to take constructive critism well...

Aurora is a sinking ship right now.. I've been aboard many communities like that before, and I've went down to the bottom along, silently. This time, I am taking my time to get the fuck off this dramafest, before it goes too far.

Good luck to all of you with this. I am pretty sure that you might need it.

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I'm speaking as one of the people who are disappointed with the recent events (well, what really disappoints me is that we have two groups that are at arms against each other, and neither seem to be able to find a suitable resolution because of what, imo, is very frustrating circumstances).

It sucks to see that, but I don't think that alone is killing the community, or turning the Aurora into a sinking ship.

Why were you here in the first place? What did you like doing? Are these things gone? Is that reason enough to leave, or give up now?

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Originally I came here seeking RP, which I got, and was glad of. Eventually, despite being an antisocial twat, I grew into the community and made some friends. Now, this community is at eachother's throats, and I'll admit, friends are getting punished for ''going out of the line''. It was sad to read the whole 10 page announcment thread, where the admins started contradicting themselves..

So yes, the warmness of the community is gone.. The friendship is gone. The people I have considered friends have left.

I have seen this happen before on private WoW roleplaying servers. While their names not mean much to you, but they were the things that shaped my love to roleplay.... Azhara... Rebel... Millennium... Imperium... All of those, while not being the only ones I played, crumbled, even if they arised from the ashes of eachother in that order, until only a husk of it's former self remained.

So yes, I think that this is a reason to give up on this, especially when I am just someone who would hardly do any good in any attempt to contribute..

Bah, look at this emotional fucking tosser..

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Its sad to see you go, Enkas, you were one of the good ones. If its any consultation, I know exactly why you're going, I lost my faith in the community and the adminship of Aurora a long time ago. With the whole hardsuit fiasco, the numerous complaints against Tech before his (minimalist) punishment, and even one personal interaction of mine where an admin directly encouraged another players ganking and metagaming.

While I hope what I say above isn't going to throw fuel, I say it in hopes that you can see that someone feels the same as you, maybe even a little stronger, and is still here, and hoping to better himself for the community's sake.

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