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So as some of you should know, Terraria just updated quite heavily. I want to put together a group of people who want to start fresh and go into the world for some fun. Maximum players can be 8, but I suppose we'll see where we'll get. I'll be hosting the server here in NA unless someone else would rather do it. But yeah, feel free to either post here, PM me, or add me on Skype and we can talk this out. A Skype group will be created just to make contact between all the players easy. But yeah, let's have some fun with the update.

Skype: killerkoala12

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I prefer to stick alone, but I might join with you guys.

Also, as a little thing I would like to add, the Moon Lord? Devs confirmed him as Cthulhu's brother. Also, there's a theory in circulation that the crimson is Cthulhu's remains which would explain why his eye and brain are free-roaming.

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We could have an RP terraria server, not sure how you could RP in Aurora, but we manage to do it with 2D Spessman.

Terraria is one of the few games I actually own own.

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