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"Do you think this character is fit to be a Head of Staff?"

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This is a question that has confused me. It's so utterly weaselly it doesn't have a reason to exist. It's a loaded question, at best.

Being a head of staff isn't a joke. Either you're qualified for the job or you're not, there's no in-between there. And unqualified characters wouldn't be heads of staff.

Can we discuss why the question is in the app format, and possibly some changes to the format? Preferably, less complex questions that don't force you into a weird hole in which you can't answer honestly one way or the other.

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The point of the question is to discern whether the applicant can determine that the character they have created is logically able to perform the duties of a Head.

See: The character you must create for the app, does not have to be the one you will be playing as a Head, nor qualified to be a Head, it is only there to show that they can create a character. Basically, the question exists to show competence of the applicant in understanding what is and what is not acceptable for a Head of Staff character.

IMO anyways.

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