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Ariadne1 - Complaint

Guest Menown

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Guest Menown

BYOND Key: Meowness.

Player Byond Key: Ariadne1.

Staff involved: Bluespace Cat(Sound), Bakagaijin, Tenenza, Tablespoon.

Reason for complaint: OOC Metagrudge/Grief(?).

Approximate Date/Time: 9/10 GMT-PM. Differing Rounds.


During an event we held, I had died, and was transported back by the Research Director. Ariadne, who was playing Tamsin Murray, proceeded to stuff my corpse in a locker in telescience, hiding me from the rest of the crew. She then came back, moments later and cleaned all of the blood away from the locker, further concealing the fact that I was there.

After security reported that my body was still missing, medical alerted them to my being located in telescience, and I was retrieved. Tamsin then, upon retaining custody of my corpse, put me in a body bag, and marked me unclonable without even trying to clone me.

This is due to either a metagrudge against me (due to a history we've have in which I've been subject to IC racism from Ariadne's characters; note, more than just the one in this complaint), as well as an OOC meta against Tajara, which there is an active investigation over being handed by Tablespoon, and involving several other Tajara players.


I do not have evidence of any of this, other than a log of a previous incident that has already been reported to Tablespoon.

CoolfoolFTW had witnessed the locker being cleaned, and Tenenza reported that Tamsin had touched the locker. Cloning attempts after security had intervened following me being deemed unclonable (which was revealed to have been a lie due to Sslazhir Yinzr monitoring over the cameras) had shown that I was able to be cloned, meaning Ariadne had lied, and did everything in her power to remove me from the round.

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