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Danny's Leather Jacket

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BYOND Key:monkeysfist

Character name:Daniel Wahlberg

Item name:Replica Fighter Jacket

Why is your character carrying said item to work?The jacket itself was a gift from Daniel's wife. It is a reproduction from a classic Sci-Fi movie about Sol Alliance star fighter pilots. As to why he is wearing it at work, it reminds him of family and keeps his hand warm with its cozy pockets.

Item function(s):It has no armor value and (if it absolutely needs a function) adds minor cold resistance.

Item description:A reproduction of the leather jacket worn by Cpt. Max Kilgore in the cult classic, "Sol Frontier." It appears to be hand stitched with painstaking attention to detail down to the exact placement of each patch.

Item appearance: http://puu.sh/il7hU/dd11d90cfa.png

Additional comments: I have the sprite ready to go in DMI form. Feel free to use any of the other jacket sprites as you wish with the exception of the Stars and Stripes.

My Google drive with the DMI files.

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You stole my bomber jacket sprite.


I am actually okay with this. And I think it'd be an interesting addition.

I would have creditors you had I known that you were the original artist, so thanks for that. I darkened the leather, cut down the fuzz, and added the patches for Paradise's pod pilots. They never got back to me so if anybody wants to use them, feel free.

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