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Memories after Borgifacation

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This was brought up in OOC where people have tried borging their victims as antags, something I thought would be interesting to do, and immediately get robusted when said borg takes the sec modual and arrests them for murder.

So my question is, do borgs have anything like Clone Memory Disorder? Like, where they forget their killer and the circumstances of their murder, and borgifacation.

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That was how it worked until the recent lore rewrite for synthetics.

I explicitly changed that so that borging no longer completely wipes personality and memory.

That's why IPC's can have regular old biological brains now. The lore for shells with organic brains are people who either were made into custom cyborgs for medical reasons or people who had themselves made into cyborgs because they wanted too.

That being said, major brain surgery and waking up in a completely different body would be pretty traumatic. It also sucks for antags if there's an easy way for resurrecting people who can immediately point them out as the murderer. I'd say that if you're a regular person who gets borged during a round, you're probably going to be pretty shaken up and have big gaps in your memory about recent events, especially if you died or were under significant stress before being borged.

On the other hand, someone who got borged voluntarily, and had it done through careful anesthetized surgery done by a trained surgeon, would probably retain most of their short-term memories.

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