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Malf Module - Save the Borgs

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Hey everyone!

So this is linked to this thread.

Over there, Dreamix asked if we could remove the lockdown mechanic for borgs. I get that being locked down is irritating, but the robotics console has historically been a weak-point for MALF and traitor AI's, and it's one I don't know if we should discard. Covering the robotics console means the AI has to split it's forces, or plan very carefully.

Buuuut... that's tough, so I thought we could give them some help. Below is my idea, it's a MALF module (meaning that it takes MALF resources to get) that lets you protect cyborgs from the Robotics console. We already have a mechanic in place to make syndicate cyborgs not appear on the console, so this just piggybacks on that.


module_name = "Scramble Robot Control Codes"
mod_pick_name = "free_robot"
uses = 2

/client/proc/malf_free_robot(var/mob/living/silicon/robot/R in mob_list)
set category = "Malfunction"
set name = "Scramble Robot Control Codes"
if (istype(R,/mob/living/silicon/robot)) // sanity check
	for(var/datum/AI_Module/small/free_robot/free_robot in usr:current_modules)
		if(free_robot.uses > 0)	
			if(istype(R, /mob/living/silicon/robot/drone)) // no freeing drones
			if (R.stat==DEAD)
				usr << "\red There is no point in freeing [R], they are already dead."
			if (R.scrambledcodes)
				usr << "\red [R] is already disconnected from the control network."
			if (R.canmove)
				R << "\blue You feel [usr] scramble your control codes. You can no longer be locked down or destroyed from a Robotics Console."
				R << "\blue You feel control return to your systems as [usr] scrambles your control codes. You can no longer be locked down or destroyed from a Robotics Console."
			R.canmove=TRUE // free robot
			R.scrambledcodes=TRUE // remove from network
			free_robot.uses-- // expend uses
			usr << "\red You scramble [R]'s control codes. They can no longer be remotely locked down or destroyed."


Each purchase gives you two uses of the power, meaning that most MALF's will only need to buy one use of this to protect their cyborgs. MALF's with three or more cyborgs will either have to use two purchases or pick which cyborgs they want to protect.

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I approve of this. Instead of the AI having to blow several consoles and hide several circuit boards, which requires careful planning and even more careful execution, they could simply just protect the cyborgs they have. This can also create a situation in which, not only do you have an AI to worry about, but now the only way you can pacify its slaves are either by disabling, or destruction.

I'm just hoping this won't turn into, "I can't lock down the cyborg! Laser it to death!"

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Given that the other side is forgetting about locked down borgs, I'd approve of this. If they choose to push aggression to the point where they are forcibly destroyed, then they can accept that as preferential to being alive, immobilized and abandoned.

If more borg players took a tactical retreat to seek repairs instead of pushing themselves to destruction, then more organics might be willing to let them off the hook instead of bashing them to death. Then again, if your AI has decided you are expendable and orders you to do something loud and malevolent... well, then you'll just have to go along with it, try to have fun and hope you don't get put as the borgslave to that AI in future malf rounds.

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