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[Denied] Centurion's Paludamentum

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BYOND Key: CakeIsOssim

Character name: Centurion

Item name: Paludamentum

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It was a gift to him, it's not obstructive, and it fits his character aesthetic/theme.

Item function(s): Looking regal and badass.

Item description: The Paludamentum is a cape/cloak that's fashioned on Centurion's right shoulder. It serves little function other than being a gift from a former coworker and being a tie to Centurion's roman motifs. Gameplay wise, it's very similar to the tattered unathi cloak and is basically a reskin.

Item appearance: The cape is about to the back of Centurion's knees, tied with a clasp at the front of his right shoulder. It is a bright crimson red in color, with a gold trim on on the bottom of the cape proper.



Additional comments: Submitting this on Cake's behalf, as the item is a gift from Marco Farerra, a character on hiatus.

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As someone that works primarily in security, I see Centurion having a long cloak that someone could grab onto, or he could trip over being a nogo for uniforms and such.

Other than that it sounds wicked and it'd be epic to see him wearing it.

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