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XanderDox's Lore Canonization Application

Guest XanderDox

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Ckey/BYOND Username: XanderDox

Position Being Applied For: Lore Backstory Application Manager and Wiki Canonization Writer, blanket termed as Lore Team Associate? :P (Other stuff if requested, but someone needs to focus on getting these on the wiki!)

Past Experiences/Knowledge:

Basically fixed every error on Exogenesis' wiki which was also on Mediawiki, made custom guides there, added new pictures. I know the Mediawiki formatting language fairly well.

I also have a community mentality when it comes to lore, and am heavily focused on getting people involved to make dynamic stories.

And I used to be a forum manager for another server, as well as having served as a forum administrator for an author on their book forum. :>

Examples of Past Work:

For Community Involvement - Idris Bank, Godswood Family + Death News story, Orchid Society, Social Screeching

For Lore Applications - Multiple applications that I've reviewed under Jackboot's guidance, asked questions on, re-sparking community interest in some of them.

For Wiki - Fixing the entire Exogenesis Wiki that was littered with errors when they ported Bay's, this made me familiar with the MediaWiki format.

Aurora wiki, player lore pages.

Preferred Mode of Communication: Skype - ( xanderdoxen )

Additional Comments:

I really just wanna help out with the server in someway, and I can't moderate due to so issues with my temper, and I can't develop because I have no coding or spriting skills. I'm also not really a good lore writer, but I can certainly manage the wiki and the lore applications and I just wanna help out badly :$

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