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Language Dialects.

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So, I think its pretty much impossible to assume that every lizard or cat beast on a planet would all speak one same, specific language, so, would it be safe to assume that there would be different dialects of Siik'Maas, or Sinta Unathi? And, if that is the case, would it be allowed to speak different dialects on station, like some people still use the current languages on station?

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I would mostly agree with this being a thing, but I'd also agree that perhaps much of the races were culturally inclined to use a single language. Perhaps slang terms and small variances in dialect could happen, but maybe the race as a whole was more interested in interaction with one another that sub-racial languages never truly became a thing.

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Non Official Answer until stated otherwise:

Lore wise, yes there probably are many other dialects for each species, I am pretty sure some are mentioned on the wiki.

But do you have ANY idea how complicated it would be to add as many languages as we have on earth, for each planet/species physically in game?

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