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Mister Wickeds unban request

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BYOND Key: MisterWicked

Total Ban Length: Permantly

Banning staff member's Key: skull132

Reason of Ban: Tried welderbombing with meta buddy

Reason for Appeal: Well this is like a year old ban. And I was pretty new to the game and had no idea what I was doing. So my friend told me to join on your server. And then told me that he was a rebel. And his mission was to bomb up something on the space station. And me as a stupid noob just followed with it. And pretty much ended with me getting perm banned and my friend. But now as I meet with other friends that are playing on your server. I decied to just make a unban appel and play with my friends and on your server.

I have been playing on other spacestation 13 servers. And I have learned how to play and roleplay in this game. And all that I have left to say is that I am sorry over being a noob to this game and not trying to learn it by my own hands and following my friend blindly.

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