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Sol Common in Tau Ceti

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Do people who were born and raised in Tau Ceti know Sol Common? How likely is it that they do? I'm asking because one of my characters, Ariana Eshlian, was born and raised in Tau Ceti, to parents who were born and raised in Tau Ceti (You can see where I'm going with that). I've been playing her as not understanding Sol Common, but I want to know if that's actually a canonical thing in lore or not so I can stop worrying about 'Ok does this actually make sense in the lore, or have I made Ariana an uncultured swine'. It does make the most sense to me that, if there's a separate language in Tau Ceti, that's the most widely known language by humans in the area, and humans may therefore not know Sol Common (After all, if the general populace knows Sol Common, whats the point of Tau Ceti Basic even existing?)

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Since mechanically every human is bilingual, we'll just say that Tau Ceti basic and sol common are both taught in schools. You can be shizzy at understanding and speak common, but Basic is what you gotta know.

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