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Fun Times Ahead

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But I'll be elsewhere.

I'll basically be taking a month off, and squaring things away in real life. After that, I'll see what the docs think and, hopefully, await for some 8-9 months I go. If not, then, well. We'll see. Buut, I won't be around anymore, regardless of that.

I suppose I'll run a quick summary of all the things forever. Well, not really, but. Amazing successes were had, a server was raised up from a steady population of 40, and no development process, to a place with a rough population of 150-250 folks, and a semi-functional development process (at least, back in the winter). Obviously, mistakes were also made, sometimes on par with the successes. But that's how it goes. And, I imagine fun was had in the mean time, otherwise this place wouldn't really exist anymore.

Beyond that, I still have a promise to keep. I'll be tending to the Skrell organ code after my job contract ends, at which point I'll have a count of weeks to tend to it. And that should be enough, at this point.

Also, it'd be a lie to say that I won't be back. I will be, at some point.

But for now, later! If anyone needs me, feel free to PM me (I'll get annoyed through my email), or skype me, if you know it.

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ALSO, I forgot some shit. Apparently writing important things this late at night is a terrible idea.

Thank you to all of the staff and community members who made this journey worth it. All of you were great, in one way or another. Keep on trucking, and do keep on trying to work on that communication bit. It'll help, a lot.

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