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[Completed] Sam Macnaughton - Stab Vest

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BYOND Key: sgtsammac

Character name: Sam Macnaughton

Item name:Stab Vest

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Personally owned Security vest, purchased at own expense and proven to the same standards as standard issue.

Item function(s): A red stab vest, for wearing underneath webbing, ontop of uniform for identification and protection of the torso from blunt force trauma and bladed weapons. - To be worn.

Item description: Its a red vest, with high visibility strips. You can see the emblem of the Nanotrasen security division on the left breast.

Item appearance: A red, stab vest, with high visibility strips.

Additional comments: I am requesting this as pretty much a sprite change to current Security vest. I understand if this item is denied. I would hope it isn't however. I also already have the sprite made from a previous project.



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It's literally just a vest of armour. Just wear that, or the trenchcoat that HoS' get anyway. I can't see using non-standard equipment as a member of the force anyway.

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