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Give Roboticist PDA's BOTMASTER also drones


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On the /tg/station code there is a feature that gives roboticists' the ability to scan for any nearby robots and send them on patrol or whatever. You can also access their maintenance panel and affect behavior which is neat.

Also you can create drone husks with the exosuit fabricator for a very minimal amount of metal and glass. Ghosts can then go inside these drones and repair the ship but are not allowed to interact with crew members in anyway whatsoever. They get their own laws which go along the lines of "fix the ship, don't talk to anyone, don't prevent damage just fix it, people don't exist, don't do anything other than fix the ship." and I think it's a nice way of letting ghosts observe or stay busy until round end or they get borged/cloned/etc. as well as letting the ship last longer. Also people can wear them as hats which is pretty dumb but could be fun shenanigans.

I figured this was something worth suggesting since it's a neat feature that can really keep people occupied during slow rounds and give Roboticists some interesting PDA stuff to mess with.

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The drones are already in, just bypassed robotics. There is a button in the ghost tab http://puu.sh/juBHV/328656357c.png

The PDA stuff in interesting.


Alright cool. I don't ever see drones so that's cool that it's an option.

I hope that means it has a good chance of making it in. It really is satisfying just having an armada of medibots stationed at the mech bay garage doors, opening the doors, setting them to patrol and watching them fly out like the Wizard of Oz. Then of course they go all over the station looking for people to heal. I never get to make security robots but I assume it's the same concept. Check it out on a server that uses /tg/station's code for a better idea of how it works. I'm really bad at explaining and selling an idea.

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