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Right, so my current task in the lore team is to compile a list of in game religions, could anyone who has created one PM me it, or post it here.

This list won't be the only religions allowed, but it will help new players, in case they see one they like, rather than making a new one.

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The Amalgamation of the Black

By the Old, and the New.

The Forgotten, and the Primal.

The Light, and the Dark.

The Never-known and the Never-were.

On the names of the eight paths named in a primary prayer. The Old and New are pretty self explanatory as for gods being recently known or known for a long time. The Forgotten are the gods no longer known in the world but once were, the Primal are the natural forces of the universe usually considered non-gods. Light and the Dark are aspects of what they but not defining good and evil in itself e.g. a trickster god is considered light but evil. The Never-known are the ones who may have only been known by one or two people who died or part of an unknown alien religion or were never revealed at all. The Never-were are false gods, forces, sufficiently advanced aliens, and agents of god/forces, or just pure unexplained science forces.

The Amalgamation of the Black is a religion based on the concept of no-one knowing the true nature of the universe, and while many religions, natural and supernatural forces [Murphy's law/Death personified and the like] and parts of the natural world [Pure science as far as we know] doesn't answer everything in it's entirety.

Space as the grand size and container of the universe is called the Black and is considered a pure and religious aspect the crucible of the universe. Stars and the concept of all of existence being stardust and energy in one form or another. Known science is considered fact and not power of the gods, anything proven to be science also falls into that realm.

The unknown until it is known is the realm of the gods. Death and what happens after being one of the main areas controlled by this along with the concepts of fate and free will.

All religions and ideas are welcome within the amalgamation if those who hold those particular ideals can accept a few simple concepts and rulings. First among those is the scale and variety of beliefs whether believed or not refusal of it's existence and prosecution of it's members is not accepted. Second is that we are not the answer to everything we and any member accepted are neither above or below any other concept. And the main rule being. Any religion that requires a live sacrifice in supplication especially of a sentient being must have proven an act inexplicable by other means in the presence of believers and non-believers of a significant number and possibly after a meeting of minds unaffected by the outcome on whether the terms are acceptable. To prevent purely evil and blood hungry religions from devolving the amalgamation into a slaughterhouse.

Prayers are usually rare things, unless directed at a specific deity by someone who was once a patron of a single religion that they wish to continue. They are usually reserved for collective ones at a funeral or in times of actual need, regular open prayer for small things or thank yous is considered risky for bringing annoyance or unwanted attention. The prayer can range from all eight paths to only one or two depending on how open it is wanted to be, any prayer is considered to be without name an open call to any force/power/deity that cares to react and require naming any and all paths you would let aid you and what it is you desire, a clear description of what you desire is also considered important lest a unknown trickster god may give you the word of your request and not the intent. Or you may simply rely on good faith. Any god who responds to your request will often require a supplication to them in one form or another depending on what is asked of them, this may be through a feeling or an actual communication, what you will offer may also be in the prayer. This supplication may come with a ritual that you need to be informed of and you may or may not know the name of your aid, but if it is. You will often supplicate to them alone.

In summary it is an open religion that takes interest in the beliefs of others that seeks peace an unity between all.
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