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[Engineering] Derelict Atmospherics System thingy


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I played a custom event round a while back where the crew was forced to abandon the station. We grabbed everything we could but were not really given much time to get the hell out of there so a lot of engineering components were missing, namely the pipe dispenser (The horror!). S**t hit the fan and we were forced into a tiny room on the derelict slowly dying due to one thing or another and people were slowly going mad. Still one of the best rounds I've played to date.

Anyway, after the round had finished, it got me thinking.. what could I have done differently and what would I bring if I was to do the event again.

Here's a list of things that must be brought:

  • Metal - A no brainier really.
  • Glass
  • Solar Crate - You need the tracker circuit
  • Pipe dispenser - Heavens will smile upon you if you remember the damn thing!
  • Nitrogen canisters - A lot of them too!
  • Oxygen canisters
  • Portable Air Pumps
  • Various circuits - Take the whole vending machine


Using this list I decided to fire up my local test server and have a bash and this is what I came up with:



A rather annoying problem (which is the reason for a lack of a waste loop) is due to the air alarm not being able to recognise vents or scrubbers. It simply states they are not connected. This is why a portable air pump is used instead.

This system does work quite well however as you can imagine nitrogen does not last. With more time (and people) you could eventually run pipes throughout the derelict as you would a normal station with the only drawback being the lack of gas you currently hold.

If that bug with the air alarm was fixed I'm sure you could master up quite a decent recycle system and pump air into a lot more rooms on the derelict.

Let me know what you think.

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Yeah..that thing with the air alarm might be blueprint/room connected. You could also try turning the power to the enviroment through the APC off and on, or even the whole breaker. I know I've had to toggle the APC in a room before to get it to recognize the APC and thus the APC the pipes.

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air alarms are weird

first, they are based off of designated power net areas, however they also are local to just them for triggers.

However, its very very easy to make a ghetto waste loop, you just need to add in the filters with a vent to space and ditch all toxins. proper filtration setup means you won't lose any oxy or nitrogen but nitrous/ plasma/ carbon will get vented to space

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