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Basil Drabardi's Magister Uniform


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BYOND Key:Jennalele

Character name:Basil Drabardi

Item name:Consortium Magister's Robes

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Basil was born and raised with the Tutamen Consortium- A foreign, somewhat transhumanist and knowledge-oriented group of nomads from the quiet, distant outskirts of the Sol system. He is a diligent follower of their teachings, and an active Magister- Of the Machine branch, his main duties were to tend to the Consortium's robots and technology- A typically reclusive task. However, he has been granted permission to leave the Consortium freely in order to learn more from outside, and spread their teachings where the Consortium is lesser known, or even not known at all.

The robes themselves are a symbol of status and respect within the Consortium, though they are also considered to be of spiritual importance- It is rare to see a Magister without their garments, within or outside of the Consortium halls. He has been communicating with HR and other necessary departments to have approval to wear them on-station.


Item function(s):It's a robe ( and hood ). Just like the normal priest robes, but deep red, with the consortium's sigil displayed across the black tabard.

If possible, a verb could be added ( retract hood ) to pull the hood back from the wearer's face.

Item description: Deep red robes belonging to a Consortium Magister. A curious symbol is displayed on the black tabard down it's front.

Item appearance: Because of the limitation of tiny sprites, I don’t mind if the symbol can’t actually be displayed. I can't sprite worth a damn, but:

Robes: Dark red, with a white-gold toned trim. There is a large black strip down the front, like a tabard, displaying the Consortium sigil at its base.

Hood, if it needs to be a separate piece: Same dark red, with the white-gold trim. It is patterned a bit like a cog.

I was thinking a base like the “Imperium_monk” sprite could maybe be used, but they’re far less fancy and gold.

A loose reference for pattern and tabard, albeit with much less gigantic sleeve cuffs:

7fecff7a5fa2ccbe405cf8d9cbd22d26-d68xgkp.jpgYes. They are essentially a set of non-techy Tech Priest robes.

Additional comments:

Sprite and coding has been provided by Critsy! Thank you very much!

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